reset in a sentence

Example sentences for reset

Or, to make people behave more safely, you have to reset their risk thermostats.
The connection went down once but was quickly reset.
When their production begins to decline, they are starved for a week or two to reset their biological clocks.
All evidence indicates that the neuron does not reset.
Perhaps, he speculated, the brain needs time to reset itself after a pulse of thought before it can carry out another one.
At the beginning of the tone, neurons around your cortex reset themselves, so that they all begin to fire in sync.
The alternative is to do a factory reset on the device.
Until it's reset, this network is automatically connected.
But, as their interest rates were set artificially low and didn't reset for two years, it would be two years before that happened.
It may have come to resemble a video game, but it is one with no reset button, no next level.
The lock can be reset to a new combination whenever you desire.
Something about blowing up the credit card buildings to reset the debt record back to zero.
So the chair ordered the technicians to reset the system.
Sleep researchers have found that you can reset your circadian clock fairly easily.
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