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The political minefield alone is enough to deplete your emotional reservoir.
Both sides agree that if the dam is built, water levels at the new reservoir would fluctuate seasonally.
There was the stampede to see the migrating loon that chose the park's reservoir for a rest stop.
After you've filled the stand's reservoir with water, you're done.
We especially loved the planting reservoir created in between the rock walls.
Once the tree is in place the main job is watering, even with a large reservoir.
To beat the summer heat, cool your feet in the creek or take a dip in the reservoir.
Use the pool as a water harvesting reservoir, he suggested.
Below is a reservoir contained by a pool liner and a pump in a low hole filled with gravel.
Natural reservoir for emerging viruses may be bats.
Sometimes the plant returns some of the water back into the reservoir to keep water levels up.
Until fairly recently, the medium seemed a cold, static reservoir of gas quietly waiting to condense into stars.
For the reservoir to hold the colored water, you can use a hot-water bottle with tubing attached.
One-way valves ensure that water is pushed from one reservoir into another.
The primary financing problem goes back to the cost of initial geothermal reservoir discovery and development drilling.
When the outermost layer cracks open, the reservoir is exposed to space.
The derived reservoir of sea water could be commercially viable for fish farming,salt producing, or a large form for hydro stuff.
Everybody is protected from illness, and no group is left as a reservoir for transmission.
Everybody is protected from illness and no group is left as a reservoir for transmission.
For instance how to get energy reloads in real time with no down time using each individual as a reservoir for the other.
Unfortunately, the subsurface geology and geothermal reservoir dynamics still necessitate pumping heated fluids from depth.
The dual-chambered reservoir sits inside a reinforced sleeve, but you can still feel it bulge as it inflates.
Ratios of isotopes of krypton and xenon present in the geologic reservoir don't match the ratios seen in today's atmosphere.
It will always be underlaid by another reservoir, and that in turn by another, and so on for a long way down.
Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever found in the universe.
It is believed that in that period magma differentiated in a large, relatively shallow reservoir.
Then, as water was needed in the summer, it would be slowly and carefully melted into the reservoir.
Such a vehicle would run on petrol but would use its reservoir of compressed air to boost the power when needed.
The latest crisis suggests that the reservoir is not bottomless, however.
Reservoir water sometimes falls too low to turn the turbines.
Such a vehicle would run on petrol but would use its reservoir of compressed air to boost the engine's power when needed.
The bacterium doesn't much affect the creatures, which serve as a reservoir for the disease.
Bird watchers will enjoy the many species of ducks and other birds that occupy the reservoir waters and its surroundings.
The reservoir makes a quiet place to fish, kayak or canoe, as no motorized boats are allowed on the lake.
Popular activities at this large reservoir include fishing, swimming, boating and water skiing.
As water collects behind the dam, a reservoir is formed.
Most were caused by mining, he said, but nearly a third came from reservoir construction.
Conservationists consider it a biodiversity hotspot, a rich but threatened reservoir of unique plant and animal life.
Villagers discover that it is easier to store water in ice than in a reservoir, and less is lost to evaporation.
These cracks opened up and tapped a huge reservoir of liquid water deep beneath the surface.
Over the last decade, his restraint has become more elegant, his reservoir of feeling more profound.
The fish in a nearby reservoir had all died from high acidity.
If you're a smaller company that can't stand the heat, get out of the mile-underwater reservoir.
Each tiny gap acts as a reservoir for a drug-and-polymer mix.
The water can then be stored in a reservoir for drinking water.
Each hole acts as a reservoir for the drug-and-polymer mixture, whose proportions can be altered from one reservoir to the next.
At the bottom of this lake are two intact villages that were flooded when the reservoir was created.
Space, he continued as he carefully avoided touching the reservoir tip, can be warped to make two points come closer together.
Once enough people are immune to a disease, there is no longer a reservoir from which susceptible individuals can be infected.
We, for instance, are constantly exchanging atoms with the total reservoir of atoms in the universe.
For some unlucky folks, enough gas simply seeps through the ground from a leaky natural reservoir.
The news item ended and was replaced on the screen by a picture of a reservoir that had run dry in the long drought.
While there, he remembers his windshield washer reservoir is empty and asks for a fill-up.
Visitors can wander through dewy tea plantations and bamboo forests, or swim in a reservoir to the buzz of cicadas.
Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.
Some quick updates on what is happening with some of our reservoir fisheries.

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