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Example sentences for resentment

There's often some anger and resentment as unresolved family issues resurface.
On the contrary, it will submit to much from them without showing resentment.
Such conversations can drain your energy and contribute to feelings of resentment and lethargy as the new term begins.
Resentment of the librarian would only make sense if the copy scanned was a unique copy in the world.
Reformers know that any changes they make risk unleashing fresh resentment.
Even within the group, collaboration on this large a scale often created tensions and resentment.
We looked for a scapegoat on which to vent our anxiety and our resentment.
Grievances and jealousy are producing hatred, and the resentment felt by the have-nots can be striking.
As the campaign's fortunes worsened, resentment at the press turned into personal attacks against reporters.
But everyone has their cross to bear, and the resentment caused by winning is ours.
Some reflects the natural resentment of any populace over the entrance into its midst of new elements.
Sarcastic, tired flippancy has stolen the place of the first, and lugubrious resentment has deposed the second.
Centuries of oppression have built centuries of resentment.
Stepfathers often reciprocate in kind, creating a vicious circle of resentment and recrimination.
The changing roles have caused resentment in many big-city fire houses, and resentment can affect performance.
Military prosecutors said he was motivated not by ideology or money, but by vanity and resentment over a delayed promotion.
Outwardly they seem relatively compatible, but beneath the surface are tremors of resentment.
And economic development tends to mean more migrants and thus more resentment.
When frenzy gives way to apology, her mouth tightens with resentment, which then yields to a miserable leer.
The resentment at outside control has not changed much either.
There are other signs that overseas resentment of the burger giant has softened.
Punishment produces no compensation, but only an increasing warehouse of resentment.
Words were carefully picked to reflect growing reconciliation, but the visit could not mask plenty of lingering resentment.
Nonetheless his partiality inevitably provoked resentment from some of those he neglected.
Naturally, this leads to some resentment among in-state applicants who fear rejection.
But there is a surging resentment in creditor and debtor countries, and the risk of collapse.
Social resentment on the impoverished island may be less tractable.
But something always pulls them back-and it is this mix of duty, resentment and bad faith that keeps the drama so compelling.
In such a climate, the mood of nervous anxiety could give way to seething resentment.
Meanwhile resentment simmers at factory closures and at the glaring corruption of some party officials.
Resentment of inequality tends to be directed mainly at one's neighbours.
Yet the alliances have come at a time when there is resentment about high fares.
The former wording invokes pity, whereas the latter wording might incite resentment in the poor and fear in the rich.
Pressure also stems from intensifying resentment and frustration.
His conviction and failed appeals in that case had led him to harbor a long-festering resentment of the court system.

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