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Example sentences for resentful

It is a fact of modern political life that the preponderance of resentful, hostile political language comes from the right.
Telling them to get over it will only make them resentful.
Since his resignation, he seems to have cast aside those memories to grow increasingly resentful of his successor.
It is better to have them in your new system as enthusiastic insiders than resentful outsiders.
Clover uses the resentful feelings between her elders to get out of working on their peach farm and from attending school.
And the performers can even sometimes get a little resentful that they're being doubted.
He is resentful and does his duty reluctantly, moving away from her emotionally until she goes mad.
Perhaps they will be resentful and think that you have been idle.
Consequently, he is resentful, and resentment in others is always a great sport to watch.
Still, it's tough to trust so resentful and bewildered a narrator.
Not wanting to sound resentful, it frequently overshadows the allied health professions.
It reduces your productivity and saps your energy, leaving you feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless and resentful.
The machine reportedly startled a flock of resentful birds.
Feeling irritable, resentful or unreasonable when not drinking.

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