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The result is a sheltered but almost seamless house that resembles an airy garden pavilion.
Cut in with a pastry blender or pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
The master's degree largely resembles pre-existing degrees.
And the bone below the thumb also resembles a human form.
It more resembles the sophomoric behavior attributed to fraternities.
At times it resembles a plantation model where few get to stay in the house.
Next, the review process resembles gestation with all of the risks and changes taking place to textual body.
It's another thing to avoid anything that remotely resembles an offensive term.
The fruit also has a peculiar color, and the taste resembles that of an apple that has been frozen and thawed out rapidly.
The wolverine is a powerful animal that resembles a small bear but is actually the largest member of the weasel family.
People have reported seeing ball lightning-a rare phenomenon that resembles a glowing sphere of electricity-for hundreds of years.
Its coat is reddish brown and its muzzle resembles that of a dog.
The edible root, which measures one and a half to two inches in length, resembles a dahlia tuber.
They grow plumage that resembles fur more than feathers.
Explorers have also found animal remains, including the skeleton of what resembles an ancient bear.
They are also distinguishable by a row of skin flaps along their arms and legs, which resembles a serrated knife.
The pipa is a four-stringed pear-shaped instrument that resembles the lute, and is one of the world's oldest instruments.
Another note, which is raspy, resembles that of the blue-gray gnatcatcher.
The process creates holes in the skin so that it resembles a fine mesh fabric.
In other words, the crystal resembles an office tower that's been shoved slightly out of plumb.
The structure of the modified cholesterol resembles a toxin from a tropical cycad.
The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan.
The mirror resembles a satellite dish with a microphone.
The town resembles an alpine village with towers and cobblestone walkways.
It resembles an oversize smartphone or an undersized tablet.
That's what this dumping and signing frenzy resembles.
The sheriff's department's news release did not say how much ammunition was inside the bag, which resembles a backpack.
In many ways, the device resembles a combustion cylinder in a standard automobile engine, though without a piston.
Humanity's ancestral tree resembles more of a bush than a single, aligned branch.
The wear pattern on the fossil bone tools, they observed, closely resembles the modern termiting tool pattern.
It has a smooth and polished surface, and resembles the baton generally borne by police and other officers.
From a distant vantage the set resembles a squat, wart-covered figure eight lying on its side.
Its main sensor sits on a perch atop the vehicle and resembles a silver coffee can with a mirror.
And labor itself resembles the body's inflammatory response, she notes, in which foreign material is ejected from the body.
It is known by the name of the enamel droplet, and resembles keratin in its resistance to the action of mineral acids.
The region of the pulvinar in which optic tract fibers terminate resembles in structure the lateral geniculate body.
It increases with the increase of literature, and resembles one of those salutary checks on population spoken of by economists.
Here again the student often resembles the poet-he is born, not made.
Neither the eye nor the mind can see itself, unless reflected upon that which it resembles.
For devices with a more moderate risk, however, firms need only show that a new product resembles an existing one.
But the more an emerging economy resembles the leaders, the harder it is to sustain the pace.
One resembles the parent stem cell and thus allows the whole process to continue.
The ban is about much more than friendliness to bulls, though it is part of a political game that resembles a bullfight.
Its cross-section resembles that of two partially joined bubbles.
The current era rather resembles the biblical dream of seven lean years.
It resembles a bit the fight against illegal drugs: clamp down in one place, and the trade sprouts elsewhere.
For starters, this place has a posh, minimalist interior that resembles a jewelry store-and it's got the prices to match.
Add butter and pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal with some pea-size lumps.
It resembles a large beach pebble and is a thoroughly handsome addition to salads.
Neither in exile nor in the country itself is there anybody who even faintly resembles a genuine opposition leader.
The rest of the year the water dries up and the bright-green vastness turns into something that resembles a desert.
In many ways, it physically resembles muscle more than it does typical fat.
The structure of the world economy more accurately resembles a pyramid or a cone rather than a plane.
The pouch, called a swelling hemostat, resembles a beanbag and is made of a polymer-fiber mesh encased in spandex fabric.
In animal models, these transplants appear to spur regeneration of cartilage that better resembles native tissue.
At first glance the new roll-to-roll printer resembles a newspaper printing press, but it's much more complex.
In fact, only the airflow over the root resembles a conventional laminar flow.
Consumers choose a channel via a software interface on their desktop that resembles a remote control.
Depending on whom you ask, the structure resembles a tree or a badminton birdie with a golden egg at the top.
Its shape more resembles that of a heart or a teardrop, or something that you would want to have a hazmat suit on to touch.
To design a building that resembles a fancifully decorated tabletop but doesn't look ridiculous is no small accomplishment.
In order to work the dagger, you press a red jewel on the hilt, which suspiciously resembles a button on a game controller.
But his true personality resembles his apartment: a sterile condo with the curtains drawn.
At first sight, with its different zones colored different primary colors, it resembles the subway maps of many major capitals.
It rather resembles a wonderful made-to-measure suit.
In this way it resembles the effects of various intoxications.
Rather, it resembles the plaintive tone of a beached colonial retiree, convinced that all around him is going to the dogs.
The paper resembles the natural scaffolding that surrounds cells in the body.
One of the problems with human genetics where it resembles economics are the ethical issues involved in experimentation.
Its face is nestled behind one forelimb, which resembles a wing except for the long, clawed fingers at the end.
Then, to get star treatment, the caterpillars make a rhythmic noise that resembles the call of the ant queen.
Its skeletal frame resembles a construction crane or a bridge truss.
The process resembles an inefficient engine producing more smoke.
In fact, with its extreme patriarchy and polygamy it resembles the ideals of some non-Western societies.
Their reactor resembles a stack of vinyl records rotating into a cylindrical tower.
But while the upper half resembles a human, the bottom half of the robot is yet to be designed.
See, there's no such thing as a perfectly non-divergent beam that resembles a cylinder.
On paper, it resembles a seahorse, with leafy appendages linked only by transparent skin.
Anything that resembles a weapon could get you arrested.
He resembles someone who has consumed way too much caffeine, which makes trying to get a word in a feat.
No reputable firm, including my own, will go anywhere near anything that remotely resembles a tax shelter.
Viewed from the air, it resembles nothing so much as a giant, watery amoeba.
Ravenous, goose-size chicks so jam the landscape that it resembles a poultry farm.
It resembles a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit, with the squirrel's tail.
Others run free through the one-square-block area that resembles a cramped town, with its food stands and kiosks.

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