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Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.
Biochemists can thus resort to rough predictions of protein structure based on calculations of family resemblance.
The common name refers to the petals' resemblance to kittens' ears.
The main upside to their resemblance is enhanced protection.
Grown for spectacular flowers, which bear a startling resemblance to the heads of crested tropical birds.
Into the hole goes a harp trap, named for its resemblance to the musical instrument.
It is a plurality of different things that do not share any one element but nevertheless bear a resemblance to one another.
But the digital printers used commercially bear scant resemblance to the devices used at home.
The results suggested a close resemblance to the gavial.
It's difficult to verify, but he certainly bears a striking resemblance to the face sweeping cyberspace.
As in policy, so in personality: the resemblance between the two countries is easy to exaggerate.
Elephant shrews were initially named because their long, flexible snouts give the animals a superficial resemblance to elephants.
The resemblance between narwhal tusks and the unicorn horns seen in paintings is remarkable.
The resemblance to a cattle slaughterhouse was remarkable.
Sea pens are so called for their resemblance to old-fashioned quill pens.
Most bear little resemblance to their wild ancestors.
But although it is still often cited, his inspiring vision bears scant resemblance to the universities of today.
Lore has it that the formations' name stems from the five towers' resemblance to a hand from the sky.
Opiates are derivatives of opium, having chemical structural resemblance.
Unfortunately the resemblance runs deeper than that.
But now researchers say this playful scene reveals yet another extraordinary resemblance between ourselves and our furry cousins.
Players and critics alike have noted the game's resemblance to a job, and a fairly menial job at that.
These outward differences belie a strong genetic resemblance and a close evolutionary link between the birds.
Most journalists don't talk about it because it bears no resemblance to the picture they have painted of him.
Considering the surrounding macroeconomic conditions, the resemblance looks natural.
He bore little resemblance to the apple-cheeked dandy of his official portraits.
Despite a resemblance to plastic, linoleum flooring consists of natural ingredients.
The lists bore little resemblance to one another-except for the first item.
Images with a strong resemblance to the subject's physical appearance have appeared at many times and in many places.
She was tall and handsome also, but there the resemblance ended.
There was enough resemblance between us without resorting to impersonation.
As usual, any resemblance between the dubbed sound track and the events pictured on the screen is purely coincidental.
But his office posted a photograph of him in that era seeking to show there was little resemblance.
It is daunting in its resemblance to a giant doorstop.
From what you write, this is a new concoction entirely, and has no resemblance to the ancient brew.
It's still speculation, of course, but it makes sense: there's an awful lot of structural resemblance.
As it happens, the prop bears a strong resemblance to scores of crystal skulls in museum collections around the world.
Coated with confectioner's sugar, their resemblance to snowflakes is striking.
These inscriptions were carved in an unknown alphabet, in a language that appeared to bear no resemblance to any previously known.
To the insurance industry, wildfires thus bear some resemblance to hurricanes.
Politics and fashion have always had a close resemblance.
But the name remains a synonym for an industry that bears little resemblance to what it once was.
It wasn't long before people began to notice the strong resemblance and comment on it.
It's not an open-and-shut case of creative borrowing, but the resemblance is striking.
These bear a striking resemblance to the real thing and taste vastly better than they sound.
In reality, almost all the actual robots now manufactured bear little resemblance to humans.
As the reader notes, even sort of a physical resemblance, in the mouth and eyes.
The second is his manifest lack of anything bearing the slightest resemblance to principle.
It describes an ideal world that has little resemblance to reality.
But that's where the resemblance to the ordinary ends.
Is there an exchange, is there a resemblance to the sky which is admitted to be there and the stars which can be seen.
They all have the same pedigree, a marked resemblance to each other, and they derive their descent from a common ancestor.
Wit consists in knowing the resemblance of things which differ, and the difference of things which are alike.
It would throw together languages that differ utterly in spirit merely because of a certain external formal resemblance.
Words having properly no connexion with each other at all, but confused owing to superficial resemblance.
There was no resemblance between our writing styles.
Among the members of the family there is a strong resemblance, and streaks of irascibility and frugality too.
In fact, there is little resemblance between my views and what he believes them to be.
The scale of this complex bears no resemblance to any other cannibal complex before or since.
He did not find an exact match, but he did find a strong resemblance to a gene in the tapeworm family.
But that's where the resemblance to familiar landscapes ends.
The viral gene bears a striking resemblance to a gene in insects.
Such artistic license is so commonplace that the presented universe bears little resemblance to the real thing.
Clearly the resemblance is strong enough that a lot of folks thought of it independently.
While it bears some resemblance to other objects in the solar system, it has a bizarre nature all its own.
It bears a striking resemblance to the path of an insect flying around in search of food.
Vast stretches of seafloor mud are littered with these things, which bear a striking resemblance to horse droppings.
Also phenotypical resemblance does not necessarily translate into genetic affinity.
Today the town bears little resemblance to its wartime appearance, but its economy is still tied to the atom.
Researchers portrayed in films bear scant resemblance to those in real labs.
It isn't, but then again that does no bear even the slightest resemblance whatsoever to global warming.
The computer models when tested have no resemblance to the future instrumental data gathered.
It got its name for the suspect's resemblance to the famous crooner.
The reportage of events often bears little resemblance to their actual objective importance.
But it bears a closer resemblance to a bird than any other dinosaur yet studied, the scientists claim.
The two chimp species are closely related, but when it comes to behavior, there's little resemblance.
The facial resemblance is clearly a casting director's dream.

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