requisition in a sentence

Example sentences for requisition

All of the courts were in constant requisition and a number of well-played sets delighted the large number of invited guests.
He had to write a special requisition order to get it, he said.
Whatever that may be, it seems the last refuge of misfits whose lives are going to be spent preparing requisition forms.
The police had to requisition several buses to take away the protesters, who were arrested for blocking entrances to the clinics.
The foray was of the type known in the military as a midnight requisition.
The continuous requisition for land to build homes, and stretching, concrete pavement that once was farmland.
As commander of the company he made a requisition upon the quartermaster--himself--for something he wanted.
Use this procedure to add contract items to a new or existing requisition.
Use this procedure to maintain requisition item notes.
Use this procedure to view the requisition list screen.
Use this procedure to create a new punchout requisition.
If a requisition contains comments, you must delete them before you can delete the requisition lines.
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