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Example sentences for requisite

The reason: the current monitoring networks lack the requisite accuracy.
Five years too late, a reply that is completely nonsensical as well as full of the requisite bad grammar, and no link.
Collecting the requisite data will be considerably harder and more expensive than many of you realize.
Only nuclear power had sufficient bang to propel the requisite payloads into space.
The only requisite ingredient for your own version is a bowl of any shape or color of hot rice.
Once requisite, this stage is optional in modern society.
Amazingly, any publication that accepted an ad without the requisite certification was subject to criminal penalties.
Free of the requisite need to be fashionable, they concentrate on design and illustration purity-and they are having fun.
Requisite or requirement, the thing required: requisition, the act of requiring it.
He has the first requisite of a critic: interest in his subject, and ability to communicate an interest in it.
Carter is strong with a big frame and the requisite tools, but he doesn't trust his eyes and takes poor angles to the ball.
The requisite action, reduction, or withdrawal of the drug is likely to be strongly opposed by the patient.
Lackey is short and pudgy, with the requisite shaved head of a new media hipster.
The tusk doesn't have the requisite parks-department stamp.
Anyone of requisite age and mental state can get married.
Although the villagers had the law on their side and had collected the requisite number of signatures, their efforts failed.
Before a job performance evaluation can be taken, all requisite knowledge and skills must be satisfied.
Ability in basic arithmetic and an understanding of basic conversions is requisite.
Before job performance evaluations can be accomplished, all requisite knowledge and skills must be satisfied.
Workers must be selected to fit the team as well as requisite job skills.
If they meet the requisite experience requirements, claims adjusters do not have to complete or repeat the training requirements.

Famous quotes containing the word requisite

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