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Attempts to reduce capital requirements in busts are equally fraught.
Dow believes eliminating current visa requirements could double the number of visitors from that country.
No other language of the time could meet these requirements.
Heat requirements also play a role in your choice of citrus.
The misgivings stem from questions about technical maturity, shifting requirements and adequate funding.
The research requirements are the same for all academically qualified faculty.
For those that remain open, minimum capital-adequacy requirements have been doubled.
Likewise, understanding the environmental requirements of plants is important for plant conservation.
The water and fertilizer needs of shrubs vary widely, so it's important to learn each plant's requirements before purchase.
It wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
Charges are determined according to requirements of the event.
Same cultural requirements as rhododendron and azalea.
Federal lawmakers have proposed such requirements in the past.
The package created dozens of new reporting requirements for colleges and universities.
Oxygen costs and requirements vary per climb and per climber.
The necessary requirements that are missing from this mix are those that require the system to be sane and ethical.
After that, follow the watering requirements listed for each plant.
Knowledge of regulatory and accreditation requirements for nursing education and health sciences.
Please note that only short-listed applicants meeting the above requirements will be contacted.
He says it took about a month to get the algorithms working, followed by months of tweaks as design requirements shifted.
Strawberries have somewhat more exacting requirements.
College entrance requirements appear to be drifting into an exaggerated importance.
Also realize that certification requirements vary widely by state.
The article is unconvincing to a scientist because the study does not appear to meet the requirements of a valid test.
Also, check with local officials on property line setback requirements.
Being clearly qualified to teach at a two-year college means that you meet the specified degree and credit-hour requirements.
These new safety requirements are adding to the already extremely high cost of reactor construction.
And, oh yes: what the journal's submission requirements are.
Laws on money-laundering have irritating requirements about scrutiny of new customers.
Ensure that a hybrid car meets your safety requirements.
The specific requirements of a mission are the primary consideration for propellant selection.
Finally, there are ambiguities over capital requirements.
Science provides insight into our food requirements and what to eat.
Another problem is the watering down of tough requirements and procedures as new members join.
Some state lawmakers, too, are proposing stricter requirements for reporting crime.
The response in some cases has been to increase capital requirements.
The groups contend that the requirements can amount to a loyalty test to left-wing principles.
He followed the requirements of any modern campaign: raise cash and deliver a clear message.
He would also have the authority to exempt selected companies from the ownership requirements for a certain period.
Make sure they grow shorter than the anchor plant, share its cultural requirements, and harmonize with its colors and textures.
Perfect types, that satisfy all these requirements, are not to be looked for.
Our transportation systems have been gradually recovering and have been able to meet all the requirements of the service.
Some concession, doubtless, had to be made to the requirements of the prevailing art of fiction.
Probably my dream of last night satisfies the requirements.
He who wishes to do this will have to fulfil the requirements laid down in this treatise.
The patient tries in every way to escape its requirements.
Then comes the problem of writers who ignore specific submission requirements.
Educators question the value of quick trips abroad and the lack of language requirements.
Students need to be taught the genre requirements of academic writing.
All air travelers flying domestically must meet the identification requirements of both the airline.
One of the requirements for flying in a spaceship used to be near-perfect vision.
Reviewers should ensure that authors follow the requirements.
They are required by law, as well, and include certain ethical requirements.
Actually, economic data do not match even basic requirements of physics.
In birds and mammals, for example, energy requirements are fixed- the creature feeds or dies.
The energy requirements to launch vessels into space are fixed.
It was a compromised design, based on to stringent requirements.
Those requirements were of course brought on by the government.
But to reiterate, the goal is not to provide the best imagery possible, but imagery that satisfies the mission requirements.
It's not clear to what extent the higher primates such as chimpanzees do or do not meet these requirements.
As you mention, land use and potable water requirements are bigger issues that could also produce higher food prices.
But turbojet and ramjet engines, which meet more demanding supersonic flight requirements, are less fuel-efficient.
Hotter temperatures and intense exercise increase sweating rates and, as a result, water requirements.
As you said, nuclear was killed by regulatory and legal requirements.
They are designed to fulfil user requirements for improved weather prediction.
They probably had high metabolic rates and correspondingly high nutritional requirements.
We need science to be science and work independent of funding requirements and political discourse.
Rather than outlaw every little dangerous behaviour, some suggest, it makes more sense to increase capital requirements.
The good news is that advances in technology and manufacturing have reduced the cost and energy requirements of desalination.
All students must fulfil requirements in ethics, law, writing and internationalism.
We advise you look at the various opportunities available and the requirements before applying.
With the same risk-weight discriminations, the higher the capital requirements are, the higher the real effective discrimination.
To prevent that, central bankers have been fighting back with higher interest rates and higher reserve requirements.
Describes the different fuel efficiency and body construction requirements for trucks and cars.
The recently completed scientific review was one of the requirements.
For efficient irrigation, group plants based on their water requirements.
It depends, especially professionally, on the requirements.
He can be benign or ruthless, depending on his mood or the requirements of his empire.
In any case, the new information reporting requirements are likely intended to detect unreported income or gross proceeds.
Then there are those who claim that the problem is excessively stringent requirements.
Any money held-in-waiting for distribution could count towards capital requirements.
Horror films aren't about reality in the first place, they're about genre requirements.
Using antibiotics to promote animal growth or reduce feed requirements is a bad idea.
The law is more stringent about the disclosure requirements of an underwriter or a broker than a market maker.
Yet today, there are still no significantly higher capital requirements for them.
Our opinion was that they could more readily arise in response to universal cultural requirements.
The last two requirements would apply even if no country defaults.
Whether his decision was wise or not is debatable, but it was certainly legal and within the requirements of due process.
The requirements for foreign research are much looser.
In addition to the requirements of appearance, stewardesses were not allowed to marry.
Here is the familiar conflict between politics and morality, between the requirements of unity and democracy.
The idea behind signature requirements is to prevent ballots from being crowded with the names of whimsical candidates.
Credit unions used to have strict membership requirements.
These longer response times were a reflection of heavier computation requirements.
If they are sufficiently efficient, they could also lessen the cooling requirements.
The overall result is a substantial reduction in fuel requirements.
Both of these requirements are particularly important for e-mail that's necessary for court cases and other legal situations.
Its space requirements strain the capacity of a typical urban apartment.
But the energy requirements are still high and so are the costs.
The raw processing requirements don't change because you're processing the data remotely.
Requirements or proof of residency to purchase a resident license or tags.
Eligibility is based on your age and the number of years of creditable service and any other special requirements.
Click on the link below to access our alphabetical listing of countries to view specific entry requirements.
Continuing education offerings do not satisfy the college-level course requirements for this examination.

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