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The insurance industry, in particular, has been fighting the requirement.
We used to live near a gas station and they repeatedly violated to requirement to use the vapor recovery system.
The right stuff may be a critical requirement for astronauts.
In mild-winter areas, choose those with a low chill requirement.
The requirement would not apply to school buses and may not apply to used buses.
But eliminating the requirement did not appreciably reduce the waiting time or the failure rate, officials said.
While a solid background in electronics is helpful, it's not always an absolute requirement.
At our school, being a full professor is a requirement for eventually having emeritus professor status when you retire.
The addition of more complex power cycles would reduce this requirement and help enable frost free operation.
Another requirement was having the wall double as seating space so they, and guests, could observe the tortoise in comfort.
Universities should not eliminate the math requirement for all degrees.
Our laptop requirement came only after several years of pilot projects that explored laptops' role in pedagogy.
Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect.
Undergraduates almost never use ellipses correctly in any essay they submit as part of a course requirement.
He also brushes off criticism of the requirement to source locally.
There is no requirement that a new therapy be proven better than its predecessor before it is covered.
The bill removes that requirement for the next three years.
Apparently, critical thinking is not a requirement in evolutionary thought.
There is no justifying a requirement that falls hardest on poor people and minorities.
Thus the college requirement of excellence in teaching and scholarship is a purely artificial construct.
Many fear losing the foreign language requirement b.
There's no better time to become acquainted with that requirement.
Many are afraid of losing the foreign language requirement.
But the requirement for government intervention makes the project unpalatable in the current polarised atmosphere.
Through deceptive marketing techniques, they've turned this requirement into a multimillion-dollar business.
Writing this self-study is a new requirement at my college and there is not much guidance in the policy manual.
In order to meet the residency requirement during the election, he had to forsake his country mansion for a downtown flat.
Send cover letter, resume, contact information for professional references and salary requirement.
And the federal money that is available comes with a cost-sharing requirement that critics say is prohibitively high.
Some have doctoral degrees in education, but that's not necessarily a requirement.
There is evidence that arsenic may actually be a dietary requirement even for humans.
Once again, it is not a requirement of science to be intuitive.
In my way of thinking, it's not a good sign when a school asks for a minimum salary requirement.
The publication requirement has paid off in terms of placement, too.
Azure hosting platform and other cloud services in order to start up companies because of the zero capital equipment requirement.
Even teaching is not a requirement and only plays a role insofar as it furthers the inquiries of the scholar.
It may well be that shallow draft was an early requirement so that extensive testing could be done near the shore.
Requisite or requirement, the thing required: requisition, the act of requiring it.
Girlishly pretty at the age of thirty-one, she appears rattled by the requirement that she not speak.
Those with religious objections or a financial hardship can also avoid the requirement.
He called it too lenient on the work requirement and overly generous in its benefits.
The ability to recharge is not a requirement if an external reducing system is possible.
The reality is that there is no age requirement for innovation.
When loading a plane with liquid fuel the decreasing requirement for fuel over the length of the trip is taken into account.
There is no requirement to group electives into concentrations.
Reducing that requirement by a sixth, as this discovery promises, would be a big gain.
There is no requirement to nominate a major but concentration tracks are offered.
Without such a requirement in place, too many healthy people choose not to pay for insurance.
Earthquakes are in fact a requirement for the technology to work.
It could even be a requirement for insurance coverage, allowing a market for information security to emerge.
It is an absolutely integral requirement, but it sort of misses the point.
Hopefully the requirement of using only muscle-potent adult stem cells would not render the process prohibitive or ineffective.
Perhaps the question of galactic rotation and the perceived requirement for galactic dark matter should be revisited.
So the energy requirement for melting of such using the sun would be minimal and allow for rapid processing.
The problem at this point is that tomato breeders are missing the key market requirement.
Simply make it a legal requirement to put a wind turbine on every new electricity pylon, for instance.
The common answer of peer review does not meet the requirement.
It seems to me that putting in the time is clearly not the only requirement for becoming a master at something.
It is fixed by the requirement for zero orbital angular momentum in the first hydrogen orbit.
Whatever the resource requirement or environmental pollutant produced, its impact is the product of the human population.
All that is needed is the economic framework to create the requirement.
The requirement of the moment is to inspire organized movement in a way that avoids panic.
But that stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
But that surely stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
The requirement of popular recognition and approval-the pledge of allegiance, as it were-was dropped as a criterion.
The agency is at this point only considering such a requirement.
Brain-boosting drug use could become a basic job requirement.
It's a requirement to be able to get onto your platform.
Her statement said the requirement of an exigency declaration remains in place under university policy.
In short, think about why you are writing this paper other than to complete a course requirement.
If there is any requirement that any students fail, there is pressure to get rid of it.
Many occupations are suffering from chronic entry-requirement inflation.
The answer seems obvious: it is a requirement for maintaining power.
In this case, no one seems to have taken that requirement seriously.
Everyone has a requirement to either buy it or pay the state for the cost of providing them free care.
So unless the systemic risk council decides to impose such a requirement, the culture of high bank leverage will continue.
However, the ability to read or write music is not a requirement to compose music.
Only requirement is that either contain the name of the writer their town.
Without this requirement, the government can get locational data pretty much anytime it wants.
Of course, brute strength is not the only requirement for breaking concrete blocks-the nature of the chop is also important.
Having a way to disseminate the fruits of their labors would also seem to be a basic requirement.
They are ignoring the requirement that any new theory has to accurately describe existing data.
As a college degree has become a requirement for a well paid job the selectivity of colleges has gone down.
Physical correctness is clearly not a requirement for a precise mathematical formulation of a theory.
Not only is this not forbidden for computer models, it is an absolute requirement.
The ability to falsify a theory, is a basic requirement of all honest science.
Its natural to want to be loveable and to perform better than others, but in reality, its not a requirement for happiness.
The requirement of holding a special election does not arise.
It is true that rain and sunlight are always needed to form a rainbow, but the third requirement is an observer.

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