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With scorching temperatures rising into triple digits, players are also required to take water breaks.
The fertility rate required in a country to keep its population steady.
They can't be scaled up, because more energy is required to produce the energy than can be generated.
Getting natural light into the room required going up through the attic to create a skylight.
Not all of the following technologies were flops, but every single one required a brazen leap of faith.
Most workshops require advanced registration required.
Initial trials indicate that the drug is safe for people, although much more study is required.
Both appliances toasted the bread well but required pressure to compact the sandwiches evenly.
The law required phone companies to make their networks easier to wiretap.
Converting pro-resilin into a rubbery solid required forming molecular cross-links between the spiral peptide strands.
Add flour as required to keep dough from sticking to the board.
Background checks will be required for all final candidates selected for employment.
The overdraft would afford deficit countries a credit buffer against the abrupt adjustments required under the gold standard.
All students were required to tweet regularly about their progress, challenges, and accomplishments.
These ring-fencing and capital boosting proposals don't even scratch the surface of what is required.
The research project had required outfitting the animals with radio collars.
Earned doctorate in designated area or closely related field required for all.
They are based on schemes that are required by law, whether public or private.
That's because a smaller object moves more quickly--at speeds that approach the time required to carry out corrective motions.
No great skill was required to point to a coming surge in bankruptcies or a shake-up in finance.
Tens of thousands of workers that were required to support it have been let go.
Required familiarity with use of information systems as a strategic business tool.
Generators are currently required to sell their output through a central pool in which distributors bid every half-hour.
And the capital required for all of this is on top of that required to maintain the current economy, already seeing strains.
As well as the serious money required to take part in a grouse shoot a true aim is vital.
At one point solar cells required twenty years of output to equal the energy required to manufacture.
The study looked at the additional effort required to swing armor-plated appendages through a typical range of motion.
Applicants, who do not clearly indicate how they meet the required qualifications, may be eliminated from consideration.
Diagnostic medical testing may be required if cramps are a persistent problem.
Free, but registration is required and space is limited.
But the device required constant visual monitoring to collect data, so it wasn't really suitable for serious science.
Include the photographer's name if professional credit is required.
Excellent writing and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently is required.
One drawback of electric vehicles, aside from range, is the time required to charge the battery.
Solid technical expertise focused in multiple areas that support technical infrastructure is required.
However, in this bureaucratic context, they are nothing but ways to compute the service teachers are required to do.
PhD by the time of appointment and evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarship are required.
The higher rates required in normal times would create the space for bigger cuts during slumps.
Deeper investigation required to identify the genuine agents of change in improving mortality rates.
For some positions, additional materials may be required.
They are required to build their own self-sufficient teams.
Researchers report that monkeys fed themselves using robotic arms controlled mentally-no joystick required.
But making the glue required much more than simple mixing.
Tyres account for about a fifth of the energy required to power a car.
And further testing with meteorological models showed that aerosols would be required to produce the observed storms.
The technical skills required for both are useful in many industries, and they can easily be picked up at many universities.
Please note that agencies are not required to grant re-employment rights.
Some minimum return on capital was deemed to be required.
If government regulation is required to ensure that, then it should be required.
Some authors send us an outline in addition to their letter but that is generally not required.
No, you are not required to report your husband's income as your own.
At my large public university, the athletic programs are required to be self-sustaining.
Students are required to sign an agreement stating that they will abide by safety guidelines.
Students are also required to answer multiple-choice questions about the reading for the next week's lecture.
Not only are the fancy trappings required of a three-star restaurant too expensive now but probably irrelevant as well.
One of the main challenges that remains with the desalination process is the cost of the energy required to produce freshwater.
Major reform will be required, but that is not even under consideration.
While this is a revisionist claim, it required no elaborate digging on my part to make it.
All that is required is that they desire peace sufficiently.
The sort of thoroughgoing changes required will take government action, which in turn will require strong public pressure.
The donors were required to operate outside the campaigns themselves, even if the lines between them were somewhat porous.
Being on the frontier required doing rather than imagining: clearing land, building shelter, obtaining food supplies.
The amount of effort and patience required to match these asylum inmates with their combat experiences is awe-inspiring.
Capitalism, in this view, required something neither contained within nor perpetuated by its system of market economics.
Democracy and supremacy undermine the tragic sense required for long-range planning.
The true feat is the tremendous exertion required to return to the surface.
In my own case there are days when the result is so bad that no fewer than five revisions are required.
Research that once required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes.
Any movement, however slight, required forethought and planning.
You've watched remix culture grow, to the point that in hip-hop it's now almost required.
Building confidence in the project required a compelling storyline.
Individuals ultimately should be required to provide their explicit consent for the use of that information.
At each stage, pushing the boundaries of cuisine required a respite from the demands of running a restaurant.
Here at last is a war they can fight in precisely the manner required.
Getting each character's hair coloring exactly right required specific, individual dying times.
She discovered that she suffered from a hormonal imbalance that required estrogen shots.
At a polo match she was spotted with a two-way radio in case she required backup.
They required her to stay in an isolated trailer, with no amenities.
These are all necessary to facilitate the exact degree of latent heat required to convert the opium into vapor.
The type of visa required depends on the purpose of your visit.
Hotels embrace coffee lovers, and room service isn't required.
As if the idea of having a boyfriend, of being straight, required straightening out in other ways.
Social media can't provide what social change has always required.
Brown was still a colossus, but a colossus stands still, and the time required him to move a bit.
His own early history, and the record of his films, seems rife with the required anxieties.
We chose a quiet dip between two hills, a spot where drivers were almost required to skid out of control.
The deeper effect of a narrow, partisan domestic agenda has been to polarize the country when unity was required.
The free-wheeling curriculum has no academic departments and little required study.
Ability to build and manage project budgets is required.
Terminal degree in one of these or another closely related area is required.
These items will be required in order to be considered as a candidate for this position.
Criminal history background check required for finalists.
The job responsibilities will vary in the percent of time required for the two positions.
Imagine if every company you had never done business with required you to opt out of their junk mailings.
In the past, students who had to repeat a module were required to work with a tutor.
Too many profs feel that it's required to write a letter for someone who asks.
Experience in leading discussion seminars and/or teaching argumentative writing skills is required.
In addition, personal guaranties by the principals of a business are required.
Do not enter permit-required confined spaces without being trained and without having a permit to enter.

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