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Such an act doesn't require a toga, but it does demand a bit of dignity.
They require autonomy and trust within the larger society.
The rescheduling may or may not require the lender to bear some financial loss.
The company says production costs are kept to a minimum because they require less silicon.
If they stick, the findings could set the stage for a less expensive x-ray machine that does not require electricity.
If you or yours is a science geek, expressing how much you care doesn't necessarily require actual words.
Choose plants while they're in bloom if you require a particular shade of blue.
We've all done it, and it got him thinking about why the law would require us to stop when it isn't strictly necessary.
In many cases, clinical accreditation and state law require such checks.
Successful markets require independent and even combative standard-setters.
These two processes require oxygen in order to proceed.
Groups of eight or more require advance reservations.
Installing this type of water feature used to require plumbing skills.
Are easy to administer but require lab processing to ensure accuracy.
They took their degrees from departments and universities who do not require rigorous methodological and statistical training.
But apparently small concessions to work-life balance can require a big change in the local corporate mindset.
Conventional sonar mapping uses pulses of sound, which require towed arrays of speakers and receivers.
Since it's got further to travel in less efficient traffic conditions, you're more likely to require refrigeration.
Many folks require more richly ornamented, drastically overhauled, highfalutin cruisers than his.
The simple two-cycle kinds have more efficient engines and require less mechanical know-how to stay in running order.
Weather and modern wear on the ancient statue require nearly constant upkeep.
All schedules require office hours and some may require evening and/or weekend hours.
No language would want to require much more work than necessary, or have that work take much more time.
Traditional composting methods require little intervention from the gardener, but can take up to a year to produce usable compost.
Long journeys require human explorers to carry plenty of water.
Delicate structures require delicate preservation to detect.
Unless formally hedged, plants require little pruning.
New tire pressure monitoring technology doesn't require batteries, saving both time and money.
The online application will require names and contact information for three references.
Second, filling that pot will require more capital because investment returns will be lower.
Green energy technologies include solar, wind and other power-generation methods that do not require burning fuels to produce.
The koala makes a sound that should require a bison-size body.
Obtaining it, however, would require all of his well-known negotiating skills.
Improving outcomes for students who require remediation.
These could be made smaller and lighter, since they would require fewer components.
Some facilities require a coin payment at the entrance.
The proof is not perfect: parts of it require clarification and some steps need closer inspection.
Finding answers will require in-depth public understanding of science and technology.
Though they require an occasional watering during especially dry years, these tough plants get by almost entirely on rainfall.
Good relationships of any kind, after all, are built over time and require commitment.
Fighting malaria will require more innovative defenses.
How the structures related to the lives of the animals themselves will require further study.
Other problems, however, will be serious enough to require controls.
Importantly, online learning does not require a student to be a technology geek.
Understanding the next wave in communications will require learning some new words.
But troweling the surface smooth does require skill.
And yet, illogically, the bill would require that executives' options be regarded this way.
Many situations require us to make categorical decisions.
Other changes do not require new buildings, and are happening as fast as human minds can adapt.
Citrus, succulents, and other tender plants require protection when nighttime frost is predicted.
It will require rich nations to adjust their skills.
These questions will require some thought and creativity.
Dreams can be especially helpful for problems that require creativity or visualization to solve.
Anacharis and water lettuce are vigorous growers and require occasional thinning.
Interesting snowflake patterns require cold weather.
Such a concept would require the helicopter to have longer blades than current helicopters.
And the device must also be efficient and require little maintenance.
It may require pruning from time to time to maintain a pleasingly symmetrical outline.
We should require every household to buy a new, more energy efficient washing machine.
Most species, he noted, have mating calls that require lungs.
Most current methods for cooling things down require the use of chemical refrigerants.
For recipes that require cooking in camp, mix dry ingredients at home.
The mule and raft trips and backcountry hikes require reservations far in advance.
To play even a simple piece would require many different instruments, each painstakingly tuned.
In truth, the ramifications of that victory would require two decades to play out.
They don't require pinching, return year after year, and have strong stems that don't break under early snow loads.
Cars, computers, and other common electrical devices at our disposal require copper.
Achieving these goals will require producing renewable and alternative fuels more efficiently, and stockpiling loads of them.
Houseplants require indirect light in summer, several hours of direct sun in winter add to my plant list.
Nothing so far has been found that would require a rescue.
Rice offers several advantages over traditional vaccines: it does not require needles, purification or refrigeration.
Plants require little maintenance aside from removal of spent flower clusters.
Patients undergoing significant operations, such as major cardiac or transplant surgery, typically require general anesthesia.
It's easy but fun and doesn't require a lot of work.
Taller kinds require staking and are best in the back of borders.
There are no plausible scenarios for controlling climate change that do not require use of nuclear energy.
Both have their own quirks and require some skill to ride.
Single plants of seedlings or other named varieties may require cross-pollination add to my plant list.
These easy, boil-in-a-bag scrambled eggs require almost no cleanup.
Houseplants require indirect light in summer, several hours of direct sun in winter more add to my plant list enlarge.
The following tolerate low indoor light and require little care.
Employment will require a successful criminal background check.
Flex-fuel cars require sensors that determine how much ethanol is in the mix.
Activities offered may require individual reservations and are based upon availability.
But there's also a sense of mystery about colleges that don't require applicants to submit standardized-test scores.
Most of the measures would require people to show a form of official, valid identification to vote.
The regulations, if adopted as written now, would require overseas nonprofit.
Changing the situation is crucial and will require our determined efforts.
If your bike has a quick release mechanism on the axle, it's a snap to install, and doesn't require the use of any tools at all.
Big, complex problems require the work of multidisciplinary teams.
Customised programmes require providers to have a closer understanding of the client company and its issues.
They're easy to grow from seed and require little space.
Also, a supply-side efficiency play doesn't require the huge capital investment that new wind farms do.
Require public disclosure of key information about agents.
Bottled and canned versions require the intervention of a tiny beer-widget.
Sheep require protection from predators, as well as fresh pasturelands.
Most of the energy emerges from the last few reactions, which require oxygen.
It will require colleges to post net-price calculators on their.
Require all employers to default workers into a retirement savings plan.
Obviously this will require you to negotiate use of the space with the physical education teacher and principal.
First, the game will require no download or installation of any software.
But that would require some responsible behaviour by politicians.
Unlike digital music or video, digital books require consumers to change their consumption habits.
Though commercial growers fertilize regularly, many home growers find that their trees require only minimal feeding.
Range feeding sounds easy, but this may require a bit of regulation.
Also stay away from through-the-door ice makers and water dispensers, as they require more energy.
To perform well, these sun lovers usually require six to eight hours of direct sun per day.
Vol-au-vents require for baking forty-five minutes to one hour.
The remaining deistical writers require only the briefest notice.
We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from.
They are undebatable, and require a two-thirds vote for their adoption.
The law of acceleration was definite, and did not require ten years more study except to show whether it held good.
Pumpkins are boiled or steamed same as squash, but require longer cooking.
Acts injurious to others require a totally different treatment.
We don't require it, however, and faculty members make such suggestions sparingly.
We start with small doses and don't usually offer, let alone require, extended sequences.
Try to avoid foods that will make you thirsty or that require a lot of water or special preparation.
Such maneuvers would require the attacker to hold still while being prodded.
Even then, though, there are even older sites all around the world that require more study.
The bony plates require extra calcium, which is rare in some environments, and they restrict the body movements of the fish.
Vegetables require less energy to raise, process and transport than meat.
And active animals require less energy when temperatures are warm.
Of course, that's a lot of dirt and it would probably require a couple of hundred rockets to get it all up there.
Most workshops require advanced registration required.
The government doesn't require him to work, though he might take a job to supplement his yearly stipend of rice.
Ten species are included in a list of populations conservationists say require urgent action to prevent further deaths.
Fires require three ingredients: oxygen, fuel, and heat.
However, some in the industry argue that there are biofuel crops that don't require agricultural land.
Regulations do not state how much space the flock must be given or require that the chickens have access to a pasture diet.
Only females actually suck blood, which they require as a source of protein to nourish their eggs.
State guidelines require corrective action on contamination above a thousand parts per trillion.
Some require deploying probes as baseball-size hail falls.
So laws require certain nets to have a device that allows sea turtles to escape if they get caught.
Some countries require a medical exam and/or a criminal background check.
That's a problem in services that require frequent communication with overseas offices.
They complain that it will require higher taxes to replace lost customs revenue.
It remains to be seen whether this will spur the signatories to take the costly actions that closing this gap would require.
But these media are crude and require a lot of moving parts to make them work.
High bandwidths are required for this as employers will require monitoring to insure that their employees are actually working.
Humans retain an edge over computers when complex problems require intuition and leaps of insight rather than brute calculation.
Different foods require different amounts of energy to produce.
But, for now, following the action as section after section is lofted into space and hooked together will require a telescope.
Achieving these technological solutions on a large scale, however, will require an aggressive global technology policy.
Questions that do not require a lot to ask and do not require a lot to answer.
Tougher cuts stand up well to the low-heat method, as the extended time they require in the oven further tenderizes the meat.
The surprise is that many of these spectacular dishes don't require a tremendous amount of effort.
Some fish require a sacred spot on the living-room wall.
Certain desserts were served on large pieces of sculptured ice called socles, some big enough to require two waiters to carry.
The second, a personal belief exemption, doesn't require any information at all.
Any serious effort to balance the federal budget will require significant cuts in defense spending.
Practical problems, in contrast, tend to require problem recognition and formulation.
Many of those jobs only require little more than medium-term training.
The rule change would also require additional disclosure.
As the new film shows, updates of the bard's tales require both excess and respect for the text.
Require everyone who works with or for you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
The good news is that this proposal wouldn't require any additional spending.
Should the resident or visitor require wood, there is a surfeit.
It doesn't investigate the tradeoffs that universal health care will inevitably require.
Long a regular on the conference circuit, she is often found in the sorts of places that require lanyards.
Replacing oil is going to require more than determination.
He's not mischievous, nor is he believably priapic, as the high jinks of the first act require him to be.
Such a broad social development seems to require an explanation on the same scale.
Teachers require the same kind of cultivation and focussed attention as their charges.
Roman's credo seems to be that high-quality ingredients don't require much improvement in order to taste good.
Each generation feels disappointed in its own way, though, and seems to require its own literature of disaffection.
My guess is that, decades down the road, future generations will require a license to reproduce and start a family.
It would be better, some say, to eat fish lower on the food chain that require less resources.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
First, siphons require tubes that remain open when a negative pressure occurs inside.
Manners can differ greatly across societies, and require cultural conditioning.
They require little water, perhaps because they obtain much of their moisture from their food.
None of these proposals require magical breakthroughs.
Making sense of all that information will require vastly more complex computer programs and mathematical techniques.
But compressing the ball makes more ridges, which require more energy to break.
And those missions require no spectacular physical efforts midway through the voyage.
In winter the temperature can dip to nearly zero, and even summer days can be chilly enough to require a sweater and light jacket.
Computers and communication devices require physical space, surfaces, and energy.
Except for one big disadvantage: bows require a high degree of skill to use proficiently.
But the study says increasing the amount of renewables on the grid will require smart planning and cooperation between utilities.
To efficiently convert light into electricity, organic cells currently require two carefully interlaid polymers.
He also notes that, although the head would not need to be opened, such a procedure would still require some invasive surgery.
For instance, many implant patients continue to outlive their batteries and require costly and risky replacement surgery.
It is smaller than other implants under development because it does not require a battery or a wire to take pressure readings.
However, many of these alternatives require exotic materials and totally new manufacturing processes.
Both processes are slow, and they require expensive equipment.
And they require half the power to perform at a given switching speed.
His application doesn't require people to sign up to a new social network in order to use it.
But significantly increasing oil recovery will require new technologies.
Such a discovery also minimizes the need for engineers to redesign products so they won't require problematic components.
In short, there's a momentum here that will require a generation to reverse.
It won't be easy-it will require changes in purse strings and priorities.
Your leverage does not require so much technology or infrastructure.
There are intimations of suicidal boredom here that perhaps require multidisciplinary thinking to plumb.
He should have the wisdom to accept them even when they require him to narrow his argument.
They would require that financial derivatives be traded through clearinghouses that would monitor transactions.
The sort of thoroughgoing changes required will take government action, which in turn will require strong public pressure.
Second, to engage in a conscious strategy of nullification will often require dissembling, itself criminal behavior.
It may require more brain tissue to process spatial information.
Reforming this system would require political change that in the current climate seems unlikely.
It was not a particularly difficult book, but it did require careful reading.
Such explanations, however, do not do the work that historians and sociologists require.
But these past decisions often themselves require interpretation.
Yet to accomplish this will require more than campaign-finance and lobbying reform, because such fixes are so readily undone.
Parsing the case does not require bales of subpoenaed evidence.
When homes are under construction or being remodeled, a home sprinkler system will require minimal extra piping and labor.
The law does not require employers to provide health insurance.
The report concluded that bridging this gap would require significant changes in the way health care is delivered.
Sure, crops require sun, but they need some skin protection too.
House and computers also require a search warrant to search.
Postcollege internships have become the short-term fix, but they require sacrifices from budding adults.
We get oversize houses that require huge inputs of water and energy.

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