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Example sentences for requested

We have made the requested clarification to the sixth slide.
After the show, the cafe's owner requested that the machine stay, and it was stocked with the work of local artists.
And here is my messy, grandiose chart, with some of the tweaks that readers requested.
Optional information such as your age or gender may also be requested.
The two months of excavation she had requested had turned into three months, and three months had become five years.
Instruct student pairs to work together to gather the information requested on the data sheet.
The road has been closed, settlers requested to leave, and logging banned.
We requested that they be extended to round the clock.
Entrants must complete all data requested on the online entry form.
Applicants are requested to submit a teaching and research portfolio as part of their application.
She requested anonymity to protect her business's reputation from damage.
All requested information must be submitted online for your application to be considered.
Supplemental materials may be requested at a later date.
Letters of recommendation will be requested of final candidates.
The page you have requested no longer exists at this address.
Rooms have cable and refrigerators and microwaves may be requested at the time of the room reservation.
They were also more likely to share a toy with an adult who requested the item.
Following activation, all available satellites are tasked to acquire data over the requested area.
All other guests received a personal visit from my in-laws, during which time their presence was requested at the wedding.
For those interested in the new invention can requested more info at above address.
Skip the book and offer what was requested being, a testable hypothesis for the origins of species.
The horse's owner has requested additional tests to prove that she had not been given steroids.
The outgoing government has not specified how much or what type of aid it has requested.
If it does, the requested item has not changed since the last time it was retrieved.
The company put together the components as requested at the last minute before delivery.
We tell you your position in line for a book you've requested, along with how many copies of it are available.
BP, for example, declines to provide the requested geographical breakdown of the government subsidies that it receives.
Normally, when you visit a web server, a description of the page you have requested is delivered across the network.
Placed under house arrest, both ex-officers have requested military hearings, which would quickly exonerate them.
We're sorry, but the page you requested could not be found.
The sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to release details ahead of their leaders.
Unsure of when they could return, they requested reference images for further research.
In many cases, my correspondents have requested anonymity because they have gone on to become productive members of society.
He also doesn't seem to enjoy the public appearances that are increasingly requested of him.
Burger is tape recorded and his voice, along with the songs requested, goes out the next week.
He requested that traffic be diverted from the roundabout that evening.
These offline applications are already now requested by cautious users.
During the pre-trial hearings this summer, the foundation paid witnesses whose statements it requested.
There should be no further punishment, and no denial of access for relatives or for any well-wishers requested by the jailed.
They immediately requested another visit, naming additional prisoners that they wished to see.
He also requested blood tests for signs of anemia or low blood sugar.
What has been requested is for you to back up your claims here with evidence.
Keep in mind that he did have to remove some of the fluff to fit it into the websites requested format.
Craig has since been requested by the police not to speak to the press.
Treasury had prepared a form with blank spaces for the name of the bank and the amount of tarp money requested.
On another, he requested sun-streaking and highlights.
He requested land from the village council in exchange for his help in bringing in a better price for the local coffee.
He ran away from her and requested that he be allowed to continue to live with his father.
And, rather boldly, he requested an army escort to give them a measure of security as they tried to move around the island.
The failure to provide all or any part of the requested information may delay processing of this form.
The catch: the consumer is requested to pay advance fees before they receive the loan.
He requested that an image of her face be etched into her gravestone.
They requested anonymity because the investigation into charges the doctor behaved treasonously was ongoing.

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