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If you are lucky, your department head will be an ally and will want to set a precedent for accommodating your request.
In spite of the ribbon and seals, the request was denied.
Scientists can request bits of lunar material to study, but it's illegal to own or sell any of it.
Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
If the information request seems to be challenging your basic qualifications, danger looms.
Details of the study can be obtained at your request.
Students who make the effort to request the excuse and fill out my form are usually legit anyway.
But it has stopped short of making the request official.
They can not even transmit the request for the data.
The museum tour is self guided, and docents are on duty to accompany visitors, by request.
The request to file a motion is part of a last-minute flurry of legal activity surrounding the much-watched case.
Our system will automatically contact those references to request a letter for your application.
After seven months, a federal judge denied the extradition request and he was released.
We would request that you take a look at it and, if you deem in worthy, add it to your list of blogs that you read.
Details of salary and benefits will be emailed upon request.
If you manufacture unmanned spy planes, you might have expected more money out of the defense budget request unveiled today.
But the mental illness pretenders continued to exaggerate their symptoms, despite the request for sincerity.
Many of them will be available on request for interviews with media representatives.
Request a limit increase even if you never mean to use it.
Public records are available for inspection and copying upon request.
We took pity on them, granted their request, and they sat down among us.
And it processes a small amount of non-genetically engineered corn for customers who request it.
Upon request, reasonable accommodations in the application process will be provided to individuals with disabilities.
She did not respond to a request for further comment.
The board rejected that request, voting instead to reprimand the president.
The newspaper then sued in both state and federal court, with the federal suit concerning only the first request.
The student complied with the request and then complained to the university.
Perry's suit is a request-a desperate plea-for a court to invent a rule.
At a prosecutor's request, they took away the foetus.
Some accounting, consulting and law firms are also scrapping the billable hour, often at the request of their clients.
Their request suggests that they are seeking evidence of collusion and price-fixing.
The researchers' first finding was that the volunteers did not think their request utterly ridiculous.
Order them two weeks ahead to allow preparation and shipping from the farm and request that the necks be removed.
Although he won't turn down a small-scale request from a local home cook, he doesn't encourage it.
When submitting your request via e-mail, please include the complete mailing address at which you receive your magazine.
At the artist's request, they were removed five days later.
For some reason, every single request for the name of the dog is immediately followed by an inquiry about the age of the dog.
With the affidavit were enclosed various frightening financial forms and a request for a copy of their marriage license.
The agency had never before rejected a similar kind of request made by its scientific advisors and the members of its own staff.
Setting up the camera implied my request for the world to exteriorize and reveal its nature.
Drafts of the request are circulating in the industry now.
If you take my request seriously, you might look around but you would not spend vast amounts of time on the search.
Each satellite has a small camera that middle school students can request be aimed at target areas on the moon for study.
With the seat up, the system was convinced that a request was still being processed.
It was a reasonable request made by well-meaning parents.
Unless you have special connections, a business or university will need to request it on your behalf.
Once your profile exists you can request reviews of your work.
That's why all the big search engines have a page where you can submit a request to have your site removed from their index.
Slasher the pit bull could respectfully request an accounting of her chronic deafness.
Normally, the browser has to make a request every time it wants an update.
Expressing clinical statements for sharing in response to a request is difficult and barely standardised.
The next generation of malware protection will be sensitive to this kind of processor request and reply.
There you go, ignoring a simple request that you limit your answer to basically yes or no, in only a couple of sentences.
Storm refused religious rites, and by his request his funeral was conducted in silence.
Some inmates request segregated housing for their own protection, and they should have that right.
We were unable to request friendship with this user.
He informs the camera crew that pretty much every exorcism request-letter starts off with something about livestock.
Then he asked them not to handcuff him, and the request was denied.
At the couple's request, the wedding is being split into two parts.
If you request a regular meeting, it takes two years.
Users can also bookmark their favorite shows and venues, and request e-mail reminders of exhibitions.
In the event your request is not received in time, the change to your account will take place on your next billing cycle.
How to request an early ballot when there is an election you are eligible for.

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