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Example sentences for repute

Only tourists cling to the coast, along with pirates and conquerors and other sailors of blemished repute.
His heated phrases on interpretation and emptiness struck their intellects, not their repute.
There are seven of them, with a large entry list in each, embracing many horses of repute.
But surely nothing can match the ill repute of free radicals.
Cathy rebels against this cloistered existence and runs off to work in a house of ill repute.
Also featured are reconstructions of historic houses of ill repute.
The price paid was a little less for the better piece, in proportion to the owner's repute rather than to the quality of the art.
Apparently there is nothing of repute to publish today.
Ghosts who roam the former house of ill repute are a popular topic of conversation here.
They can still act selflessly, and they still know what they would need to do in order to garner good repute.
It seems that grandpa was held in doubtful repute because he maintained that his holdings contained oil.
Old things are always in good repute, present things in disfavour.
He quickly gained repute in the handling of real estate matters.

Famous quotes containing the word repute

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