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Example sentences for reputation

Such reputation as he has guarded depends wholly upon his songs.
The duel, however, attracted considerable attention at the time owing to the reputation of the combatants.
Carnival has a somewhat unfair reputation as a party line.
Financial innovation has a bad reputation at the moment, because exotic derivatives were one of the causes of the credit crunch.
It would be ironic if the master spin-doctor's reward ended up destroying his own reputation.
Therefore, negative publicity increases awareness but decreases reputation.
It wants to shed its reputation for bungling and heavy-handedness.
Silk had made his reputation as a combat photographer.
Yet some elusive creatures have retained their monstrous reputation.
In truth, the secret of their enduring reputation depends less on what they did than on the name under which they did it.
Amanda recently wrote about cinnamon having a reputation as a good food for healthy eyes, and it got me thinking about spices.
She earned a reputation as a contentious, domineering boss.
It was they, not their adversaries, who risked the nation's reputation.
Free market zealots would argue that reputation alone is sufficient to solve this problem.
One prominent consideration in rating these programs is, of course, reputation itself.
His reputation, before he made his splash in climate science, was based on his work in particle physics and astrophysics.
In this country sous vides reputation is much more downmarket.
We achieved our objective, at some price in terms of my reputation and our standing in the polls.
His reputation is in tatters and his pension presumably is in jeopardy.
Stem cell research has been living up to its reputation for being fast-paced.
Contrary to its reputation among some people, it does not eat larger animals such as chickens and cats.
The giant squid has always enjoyed a reputation of mythic proportions.
The red fox's resourcefulness has earned it a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunning.
The plant's bad reputation may be its best-selling point.
With its reputation as a scavenger, which includes dining from piles of garbage, some fear disease from eating crow.
But it built its reputation quickly as a predictor of presidential elections.
But it's on a rocket that his reputation may ultimately ride.
People who don't care-or don't need to care-what others think of them show how crucial reputation is to civilization.
Although termites have a reputation for being indiscriminate eaters, they can in fact be quite choosy.
Methamphetamine has a fearsome reputation as a destroyer of families.
His reputation deserved or not did not count in his favor due to his disturbing scientific behavior.
Improper sentence construction does not give your post a good reputation for precision.
Of course, the unmanned aircraft's reputation as an instrument of war is well deserved.
The epidemic had given the town an infamous reputation.
Capibaras have a solid reputation of being tasty to eat.
Thank you for absolving the imported starlings from the horrific reputation foisted upon them by millions of backyard birders.
False beliefs carry a bad reputation for bringing turmoil and misunderstanding.
The real problem is the lasting and permanent damage they have done to the reputation of the scientific community.
It's use in agriculture earned it a world wide reputation as a bane to wildlife.
Job never put up any stoves-it would have ruined his reputation if he had.
Messing with this subject is useful only to heavily damage your reputation and future.
Which one do you recommend in regards of reputation and recognition.
Graduate school is gaining a reputation as an incubator for anxiety and depression.
In some circles, online education has a bad reputation.
There is no risk of litigation or to the university's reputation.
It does not mention the scandal that damaged his once-stellar reputation and stunned his colleagues in the field.
What's more, he made his reputation without the help of television.
Not only would the move secure the plant's viability, but it would also help clean up the environmental reputation of coal power.
Indeed, portable digital audio has never had a stellar reputation among listeners keen on quality.
The new solutions incorporate reputation rating services.
Its success therefore depends on its ability to monetize its reputation as a provider of quality journalism and content.
But at the present time his reputation is somewhat diminished.
Nor do careless publishing houses pay much of a price in reputation.
Such an omission is unworthy of your journal and of his own distinguished reputation.
Without any warning a tower guard who had a reputation as a crack shot began to fire.
Given her reputation, it is refreshing to see what good taste she had.
He is an actor whose reputation was established when he was still at drama school thirty-odd years ago.
Time pares the flesh and nerve from an artist's reputation, leaving only the barest of bones.
By the late forties, he had acquired a reputation as a serious new musical voice.
His reputation has risen through the two parallel operations that genre writers get when they get big.
Her reputation as a traitor to her people overshadowed and outlasted her reasoning, her works, and her life.
Tells about his controversial reputation among other archeologists.
Here was somebody, with no reputation, saying that he might have figured out the key to the whole thing.
The bad reputation of left-handedness is all out now.
He has achieved his reputation with plays that have social and political content.
It's a pity he has a reputation for being a difficult poet.
Most consumers who buy fragrance are responding to the reputation of the brand, the quality of the product or the price.
If you get a reputation for dishonesty, you may not be believed even when you are telling the truth.
One of your book's lessons is that a movie's reputation isn't static.
The only thing that kept customers in the stores, he says, was the company's good reputation.
Has had reputation for employment of youngsters but work is slack now.
One day, there came through the door a failed poet with an equally heroic reputation for dissipation.
Widely regarded as a comic genius, she also had a reputation for extreme eccentricity.
Few molecules have a reputation as glowing as that of oxytocin.
The reputation of diamond as the hardest material around is under threat.
His reputation in the scientific community already strained, he received no public money for research after that.
Some of his colleagues compare it unfavorably with the achievements that made his reputation.
Both parties had reasons to lie, either playing down or exaggerating the figures for the sake of reputation.
For an animal with a reputation for untidiness, pigs are totally thrown by a messy pen.
They'll do something bad to their reputation as a low-cost source if they keep it up.
Theoretically, they are accountable to their reputation.

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