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Example sentences for reputable

Honest, reputable and good businessmen will have nothing to do with money laundering.
No reputable economic theory justifies this bleeding.
The reputable parts of the industry are at the forefront of much technological and organizational innovation.
It has since mutated into an annual ordeal for reputable universities.
Many reputable breeders are now using genetic tests to ensure they produce animals free from diseases that muddy their breed.
Contact a museum or reputable antique dealer about it.
Stacey was emphatic that she had actually been told this by a reputable professor.
All reputable studies show that eating less and exercising reduces weight.
Reputable recyclers will properly scrap unusable electronics, though they sometimes charge a small fee.
No reputable medical marijuana supplier deals to kids.
To be an accounting student at a reputable school is to have a good job waiting.
There's a well-maintained garden and reputable on-site restaurant.
But make my day, let's see it peer reviewed in reputable journal.
So long as you're dealing with a reputable company, that is.
The furnace was installed by a reputable contractor.
Reputable newspapers would do well to avoid loaded words altogether.
Purchase organic ingredients at reputable health food stores and mail order companies.
If you want to convince the world of your invention, publish it in a reputable physics journal.
So find a reputable organization that will get the laptop into needy hands.
That's way less than any level of certainty required by any reputable scientific journal.
It attracts freebooters and diamond smugglers, but not many reputable businesses.
Overall this is a great jacket from a reputable and proven company.
Look at the peer reviewed articles in reputable journals.
But she had been tested, apparently of her own volition, by a reputable chemist who pronounced her disease-free.
Then, she was offered a chance to work on commission with a reputable non-profit organization under a perfectly fair contract.
That's what you get when a reputable magazine starts to outsource its editing staff.
Sometimes it's contacting a journalist at the local newspaper or through a reputable local travel office.
Be brief and provide links to reputable sources that have accurate data.
Reading carefully the letter of the deans, they have encouraged evaluation and accountability by reputable research organizations.
The removal of fee caps allows reputable universities to extract an economic rent on the status conferred by their qualifications.
At one time it was probably a reputable publication, not the propaganda wing for a cause.
Lower priced netbooks have nearly identical specs, so stick with a reputable brand.
The lecturers they select are certainly highly reputable.
Every reputable economist has said fixing the debt requires cuts and tax increases.
Reputable agencies bring all the parties together and bind them under a clear legal arrangement before the process even starts.
He used a reputable real estate agency to find the apartment and signed a one-year lease.
But hiring a professional is expensive, and you must find a reputable firm to do the job.
His research on primates has been vetted by his peers and reputable journals.
No reputable scientist has ever had an unkind word to say about fruits, vegetables or whole grains.
My suggestion is to make contact with a reputable local temp agency, if there is one.
Bagged compost made from garden material may be suitable for brewing, provided it comes from a reputable company.
Jobs comes across as a reputable guy, but it's clear that if you did business with him, he would cut you.
Religion is as basic a discipline as science, and as reputable intellectually.
Your characterization that all reputable studies say biofuels are to blame is not even close to accurate.
Several reputable firms conduct compensation studies for presidents and for boards of trustees that will provide comparative data.
It's great to read a commentary from a reputable source that acknowledges the often imaginary quality differential among colleges.
There are reputable firms, but others will take your money and vanish.
Travelers should only purchase insurance from reputable companies.
While the state only has a few months of snow, it does have several reputable ski resorts.
It's best to book with reputable companies that have an established track record of quality service.
Thoroughly research your volunteer agency and be sure that it is legitimate and reputable.
While some sources are highly reputable, others aren't so trustworthy.
Check to see that a tour company has recommendations from reputable sources.
Any reputable hotel will immediately rectify the situation.
There are a lot of reputable people who think another ice age is coming.
But it's been years since any reputable scientist specializing in climate research doubted that conclusion.
It became not only reputable to be wealthy, but something close to virtuous.
If you give, go through a reputable, established charity.
The crime hasn't been proven in any reputable court of law.
Please show some facts from a reputable source that says otherwise.
They've been published and debated in reputable scientific journals.
There are many reputable names in physics that think the same way.
But then that evidence would be challenged by every reputable scientist breathing.
Find two reputable experts in any scientific field who disagree with each other on a key point.
They spent more time on what people on the street thought it was then what reputable sources determined about it.
If they do not have training and a degree from a reputable university medical school, they are not doctors.
People need to get educated from reputable sources and then make their own conclusions.
Counterfeit cloth shows up even on the racks of reputable shops.
Reputable polls run by reputable organizations do have an incomparably higher reliability and quality status.
No reputable crisis consultant would put his or her name to this article.
Yet he can't get anyone to house them in a reputable library, publish them, or fund their translation.
Buy hay that smells fresh, not damp, and from a reputable source.
No reputable firm, including my own, will go anywhere near anything that remotely resembles a tax shelter.
Make sure you are purchasing merchandise from a reputable source.
They mailed out falsified letters and are not a reputable company.
Do get your heating system thoroughly cleaned by a reputable, licensed, local mechanical contractor a minimum of every two years.
Consumers can protect themselves against home rental scams by dealing only with reputable companies who have appropriate licenses.
Research reputable local collision repair shops in your area.
Most reputable travel agents will confirm before payment.
Data and information from reputable scientific sources are presented with easy to read and understand narratives.
Reputable credit counselors help you look at your budget and determine potential repayment options.
If purchasing merchandise, ensure it is from a reputable source.
Do get your heating system thoroughly cleaned by a reputable, licensed, local mechanical contractor every two years.
Work with reputable non-profit housing or financial counselors.
Many of these activities use the web for additional information, directing them to reputable original source web sites.
Compare the services and prices of several reputable contractors before making a final decision.
Stations should make sure they select reputable companies for disposal of these materials.

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