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Example sentences for repulsive

The scene at the depot was repulsive and nauseating, but no more revolting to witness than any surgical operation.
The cold grip of its repulsive gravity is strangling the formation of large cosmic structures.
Above the critical temperature, the net interaction between two electrons is repulsive.
Since he was repulsive and had buzzard breath, he needed all the help he could get.
Researchers suspect the phenomenon arises from quantum effects at work throughout spacetime, creating a sort of repulsive gravity.
He called it repulsive and almost looked as though he meant it.
They are repulsive, and must be stopped at all costs.
To some spirits the thought of this is hateful and the effort for it repulsive.
He makes the normal characters so morally repulsive.
Although the smell is repulsive to people, it attracts flies and other insects, which the carnivorous plant then feeds upon.
The disgust for eating, too, was explained by a repulsive detail of these actions.
Here all the more repulsive features of the fight were unseen, by reason of the smoke.
Bonus payments are repulsive when much of society is in want.
The sheer arrogance in this conversation is repulsive and sickening and wreaks of vanity and fear.
For any scholar contemplating an imitation of my method, choose a group or subject you find essentially repulsive.
Some groups found that repulsive, others found it kinda cool.
If this article is funny, it's a kind repulsive, listless humor.
For some reason, which has never failed to puzzle me, fish and sea food are more repulsive to seasick people than anything else.
With these basics in mind, let's move to a specific repulsive example.
Each light had a feeder that dispensed either delicious sugar water or repulsive salty water.
Both camps seem to have a streak of authoritarianism that is repulsive.
Vox is a rather repulsive toad of a human being, and his sycophants aren't much better.
That, and those repulsive invented gender-neutral pronouns.
The task: to develop an odor so universally repulsive it would be considered unbearable by people from all cultures.
The war would be repulsive because the leader was odious.
Perhaps some prefer fictional characters intended by their creators to be repulsive in appearance and demeanor.
Having repulsive-looking humanoids spout random inanities is not funny, never has been funny and never will be funny.
And for a group of boys to videotape the entire incident is repulsive.

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