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Most of us, for instance, experience a feeling of repulsion in the presence of a snake.
Alternatively, because both bacteria and polymers are repelled by water they may be pushed together by this joint repulsion.
The electorate veers between indifference and repulsion.
He calculated the repulsion that would be measured by a distant unaccelerated observer.
Mutual repulsion normally pushes positive ions apart.
In other words, the law of repulsion is connected with the law of detachment.
Between the systems of matter and antimatter there is developed a repulsion.
Furthermore, negative electrical charges from the electrons of the solid host partly cancel the repulsion between the nuclei.
And pressure could be negative which results in anti-gravity, ie repulsion and expansion.
Pull effect is caused by a repulsion of charge of similar ion charge of the planet to zero potential of the centre of the planet.
But these things inspired repulsion rather than curiosity.
And equally early his simultaneous fascination with and repulsion towards her family had been awakened.
It exerted a magnetic appeal for me, but an even stronger magnetic repulsion.
One thing that helps reduce the repulsion between protons within a nucleus is the presence of any neutrons.
Two smaller nuclei have less internal electrostatic repulsion than one larger nucleus.
Since they are positively charged, they also feel an electrostatic repulsion as they approach.

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