repulse in a sentence

Example sentences for repulse

The two north poles push away, or repulse, each other.
His garish color palette continues to fascinate and repulse.
To be honest, they don t impress me and many repulse me.
They might have been carefully orchestrated to repulse independent voters.
It formed again and again and each time met with a repulse.
After the second repulse, the warriors resumed sniping.
Males are also expected to develop masculine traits that repulse or threaten rival and attract females.
In fresh wat er, particles of sediment are negatively charged and tend to repulse one another.
All was done that could be, both before and after the repulse of the enemy by the use of canister upon their ranks.

Famous quotes containing the word repulse

He began therefore to invest the fortress of my heart by a circumvallation of distant bows and respectful looks; he then... more
Another serious reverse. [Gen. Ambrose] Burnside's repulse at Fredericksburg.... Now remains our last card,... more
Thy sharp repulse, that pricketh ay so sore, Hath taught me to set in trifles no store, and scape forth, si... more
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