repudiation in a sentence

Example sentences for repudiation

He construes his election as a repudiation of the law by the people.
In offering a repudiation of the previous administration, he also promised a new era of transparency.
Whenever an economy allows debt to grow faster than wealth can be created, that economy has a need for debt repudiation.
The repudiation of the multi-party talks is also threatening to spread.
Moreover, her startlingly luminous house is a repudiation of everything dark and spooky.
It's a repudiation of the extraordinary value they offer residents.

Famous quotes containing the word repudiation

The language of the younger generation ... has the brutality of the city and an assertion of threatening power at hand, ... more
The repudiation of the primacy of understanding means the repudiation of the norms of judgment... more
Not until the advent of Impressionism does the repudiation of principles set in which opened the way for th... more
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