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Pile brush in an out-of-the-way corner of the garden to provide winter cover for birds, reptiles, and small mammals.
New mammals, birds, and reptiles remain to be discovered.
Chicken nuggets that had taken on the form of prehistoric reptiles.
Birds are weird-feathered and scaly, hatched from eggs, hollow-boned reptiles with wings.
He insists upon taking the writer up to his flat to see his vivarium and his reptiles that talk.
The adhesive is inspired by geckos' feet, which allow the reptiles to walk along the ceiling and up and down smooth walls.
Frogs and terrapin belong to a lower order of animals than fish,-reptiles.
Occasionally lacustrine and fluviatile shells, or the bones of amphibious or land reptiles, point to the same conclusion.
The greenhouse warming and the acid rain also did for the forests and many of the reptiles.
Its outer layer is parchmentlike, which is characteristic of the ova of modern egg-burying reptiles such as turtles.
Another group of reptiles, until recently neglected, were also important carnivores.
The brains of reptiles correspond more or less to the structures known in mammals as the brain stem and the cerebellum.
They add that they are less scared of reptiles these days.
And somebody made a comment on the site reminding us that turtles are actually reptiles and not amphibians.
Knowing her husband's devotion to reptiles, she gave him an emerald-tree boa for his birthday.
Researchers have recently discovered four new chameleon species, which rank among the world's tiniest reptiles.
Giant reptiles that ruled dinosaur-era seas might have been warm-blooded, a new study says.
Heavy and ungainly out of water, these reptiles are supremely well adapted swimmers.
Yet scientists are beginning to reveal a seemingly caring, family-loving side to these deadly reptiles.
Among these species is an elite group of twelve mammals and reptiles equipped with a deadly arsenal of predatory skills.
Shallow seas and the lack of significant marine predators created new niches for many reptiles that had developed on land.
Taken together with molecular data, the new evidence aligns the shelled vertebrates with another group of reptiles, the diapsids.
In reality, insects, reptiles and nonhuman animals often serve as a more practical template for automatons.
Consequently, they were set aside in their own clade, somewhere between amphibians and the rest of the reptiles.
Reptiles have some response, and lower vertebrates and invertebrates have rather small or no responses.
There are not many research groups devoted to studying cognition in reptiles, after all.
Some birds, fish and reptiles have four visual pigments and can detect ultraviolet light invisible to humans.
Since modern birds and reptiles share that characteristic, one might guess that dinosaurs had it as well.
Numerous marine reptiles swam in those waters, including plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
And where do people get the idea that reptiles are so slow.
The moist, mild climate of the temperate rain forest does support a limited community of reptiles and amphibians.
Guests can purchase hot dogs to toss into the alligator marsh to the eagerly awaiting reptiles.
The butterfly center also features tropical plants, birds, amphibians and reptiles.
These marine reptiles are so common in the area that many tour operators will guarantee a turtle sighting.
On the other hand, no reptiles have them--not even desert reptiles.
When dinosaurs ruled the land, other groups of prehistoric reptiles dominated the waters.
When the dinosaurs were ruling the land, other giant reptiles dominated the oceans.
Many animals, including the majority of reptiles, cannot produce their own body heat.
Unlike many modern reptiles, it didn't grow continuously throughout its life.
Biologists now know, for instance, that crocodiles and birds are descended from the same early reptiles.
Birds, for example, fire some of their shoulder muscles in much the same pattern as reptiles.
Hair sets us apart from plants and mushrooms and reptiles, but several thousand other mammals are hairy, too.
It wasn't onscreen long, but it appeared to have characteristics of both birds and reptiles.
The same is true in reptiles, but in addition the cortex has new regions in which the senses are separated.
Reptiles replace their teeth throughout their lives and the dinosaurs would have been no different.
These cold-blooded reptiles take in heat from their surroundings.
Reptiles may be best known for their dry, scaly skin and cold-blooded nature.
As might be expected in a warm, desert area, reptiles are common throughout the region.
Use this checklist as a guide to the presence and abundance of the park's mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
The impact of invasive species on reptiles and amphibians.

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