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Almost overnight, he hand-sculpted a one-stop two-hundred-reptile exhibit right across the road from me here.
They argued that the tracks could have been made by some unknown variety of amphibian or reptile.
The artists lightened up and went to various bird and reptile sources for dramatic colors and markings.
Everything that came after wore the gaze of a reptile sunning itself on a ledge.
The idea that dinosaurs lived at the same time as similar reptile species is nothing new.
Incidence of intentional vehicle-reptile collisions.
One key feature is that it has bone structures in the skull that resemble that of mammals that no reptile has ever had.
In another scene there is revealed a turtle's heart still beating after it has been dismembered from the body of the reptile.
Goldman began the project by learning everything he could about reptile physics.
He collected literally tons of giant reptile bones by blasting these hills with dynamite.
Okay, so a few reptile ringers are presented under the more familiar generic term dinosaur.
The data from the fish helped to calibrate the reptile data.
He suggests that few scientists have tried to survey the reptile life of the area.
Also, a cats reflexes are generally faster than those of a reptile, including snakes.
Learn why it is the reptile of choice for exotic snake charmers.
Leatherbacks have the widest global distribution of all reptile species, and possibly of any vertebrate.
The hardy reptile may face another survival test as human-induced climate change takes hold, experts say.
There's a problem at the reptile house of the city zoo.
Reptile-filled suitcases confiscated at airport departure gate.
It also features a petting corner, reptile house and a walk-through water bird exhibit.
Shore excursions include touring a monastery and gold museum and visiting a reptile sanctuary.
We see an exotic animal, bird or reptile and are attracted by its novelty.
Visit the park's interpretive center, which has a birding station and a reptile room.
Try going to a reptile or frog museum to see creatures such as a see-through frog.
As a result, the national park and preserve harbor no reptile species and only one from the amphibian family, the wood frog.
Proper planning and management should keep any reptile species from being jeopardized.

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