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Art is always potentially disrupting, since it stirs up repressed desires that would otherwise remain dormant.
The government's critics are repressed and the press is tightly controlled.
Most psychotherapists would agree that depression is anger and sadness that has been repressed.
Thriller was ultimately trimmed and repressed before release.
Time and again, repressed squatter movements have turned to insurrection.
But in such a closed, repressed country, confirming such reports is impossible.
That's a repressed comics geek's wish-fantasy, if we've ever seen one.
We share her feelings of being alone, fearful, frustrated and repressed.
All the better if the relationship is fraught with repressed resentment and rivalry.
Experts have been called to testify that repressed memories can be planted in a susceptible mind.
Disappointing because it reinforces the notion that scientists are socially inept and unconsciously repressed types.
Three new books have been published that investigate the phenomenon and its mirror opposite, repressed memory.
The tragedy here is that a magic potion has unleashed something best left repressed.
Technology is constantly bought up and repressed to keep the money flowing.
When all the repressed energy is suddenly released, it takes its own shape.
But that shift might have occurred so fast and furious that it has repressed growth here in the rich world.
People of all political persuasions, long repressed or co-opted, were suddenly allowed into the conversation.
Her eyes occasionally filled with tears, but those she repressed.
The unions and the left were repressed, but not so severely as to engender a guerrilla movement.
It is a species of paranoia, the repressed traits returning as floating threats.
The aim is to articulate what has been repressed, to fill in a blank in the narrative about ourselves.
She starts out submissive and repressed, anxious to live up to other people's expectations of her.
Then you see that imprinted early in our history were yeoman traditions with religious schism accepted rather than repressed.
What a stunted mindset that all too closely parallels the repressed religious mindset of lesser developed countries.
Those unruly desires are repressed, made inaccessible to our thinking.

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