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Representatives of all of them, in one form or another, live in your garden.
As official representatives of their governments, diplomats were obliged to uphold the policies of their countries.
The representatives of church and state had their reasons for this approach.
In a normal democracy, voters choose their representatives.
What you have done is ignore the representatives of one side in favour of the other.
Under the law a company that believes its goods have been copied can instruct its legal representatives to make a complaint.
But its voting members are all representatives of ministries controlled by the executive branch.
Several of these countries had representatives at the conference.
Have representatives from each team read aloud descriptions of their event.
There was no sweet-talking the airline representatives out of it.
Decision making was the province of committees that included representatives of eight state and federal agencies.
Contact elected representatives to ask them to vote for climate-control legislation.
Having trained and trusted representatives in each market is effective from a cost and operations perspective.
Representatives of global corporations want to build positive reputations with students, find interns, and recruit graduates.
But an internal tax is forced from the people without their consent if not laid by their own representatives.
Representatives from two companies addressed the conference today.
Many of them will be available on request for interviews with media representatives.
The article was written by nuclear industry representatives.
Media representatives wishing to attend are invited to fill in the attached accreditation form.
Orbiting around the negotiators will be representatives of almost every segment of society, including hundreds of scientists.
Southern rice and cotton representatives blocked him.
Robust campaigns leading to the election of representatives not beholden to the few, but accountable to the many.
Then there were fewer buyers, especially representatives of slaughterhouses that exported cow hides and meat.
Our elected representatives were at last going to take a final up or down vote on health reform.
Representatives of each company, in competing against the others in the market, point to specific company strengths.
Representatives for the ethanol industry say that the share of corn used for ethanol is typically overstated.
Frog representatives explained that the chargers are meant to look friendly and approachable.
In our opinion, the correct thing to do was then to consult with the local representatives of the group to which the donor belong.
Representatives would have the time and temperament to engage in a process of reflection.
Internationally, it has openly pressured other nations not to send diplomatic representatives to the award ceremony.
They rioted, chased the party leaders out of town, and chose a dozen representatives to negotiate.
The threat of such attacks would have an obvious deterrent effect on representatives and senators.
Still, one cannot help but detect a bad, even imperialist habit here: the desire to pick other nations' representatives for them.
They were representatives of a lost world, and their daughters were raised in its atmosphere.
The people's representatives were busy last week working for their people, whose needs were great and varied.

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