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Consider our system of representative government: it is designed to be complicated and inefficient.
My foundation belief is that the way to achieve representative government that works is education.
The essence of a republic is representative government.
There is need of the study of the historical workings of representative government.
Representative government of, by, and for the people is now a faded memory.
Society as a whole, through the medium of representative government, decides what is or is not acceptable in such instances.
That's the sad thing about representative government: it isn't any better than what it represents.
The decline of the biographical approach also relates to the rise of representative government.
At the global level, the problems of representative government are multiplied.
After nine centuries of autocracy, it has known representative government for less than a decade.
These donations render our representative government a sham.
It is common wisdom among serious democracy advocates that there are preconditions for successful representative government.
They live in a democracy, based on representative government.
They toppled regimes in two countries with little history of competent, representative government.
And they have impoverished the state's representative government.
Through its upper house of clan elders, it has a broadly representative government.
Representative government does not guarantee efficient government.
Representative government ought to make such huge tasks easier, not harder.
But they are not remedied by representative government.
Contrary to your opinion, an independent judiciary core member of the family of values that make up representative government.
With this a representative government cannot be otherwise than good.
Lobbying has now become an established part of representative government.
It violates the principle of parliamentary immunity that is essential to representative government.
He's committed to these public meetings as a way to foster the two-way dialogue that is fundamental to representative government.
We welcome your interest and participation in the process of representative government.
Thank you for participating in our nation's representative government.
Our system of representative government works only when honest ballots are not diluted by fraudulent ballots.
In the short term, the global community should help stabilize the area and encourage a representative government.
There will be debate and disagreement, as there always is in representative government.

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