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And there is a joy in perceiving the representative or symbolic character of a fact, which no bare fact or event can ever give.
Here is a representative sampling of additional anonymous comments from the panelists.
He is both a good first reader and a representative of the ultimate consumer.
Most people aren't inveterate skeptics vigilantly testing each anecdote to make sure it is representative of an overall pattern.
Thirty subjects is hardly enough to be representative of the general population.
And they have impoverished the state's representative government.
Even sophisticated multinationals could set up a representative office in hours without concern for continuous paperwork.
If its representative democracy functioned well, that might not be so debilitating.
The responding sample is weighted to the profile of the sample definition to provide a representative reporting sample.
In many ways, apps are representative of the changes taking place in personal technology.
The team should include the chief executive and a representative of the press office.
The protesters see the oft-repeated promise of representative democracy receding into the future.
The survey sample is anything but representative, but you get the point.
Unions thus have a lot of power, but without being representative.
We have tried to make them as representative as possible.
While every poll should strive to get a representative sample of likely voters, many fail.
Contacting an elected representative has become a simple matter of sending an e-mail.
It doesn't matter whether this part is truly representative of your being.
The first step to jacking into your subconscious is to download a representative sample of your tweets.
Tickets are piled on the doorstep, from the city representative who frequently cites the house.
Representative democracy does not work with an all-powerful central government, arrogating all decisions to itself.
And indeed people had done exactly that, especially ten years ago when the century turned: see representative lists here and here.
The sales representative makes the preliminary contact with customers, introduces the company's product, and closes the sale.
He was a wonderful representative for everyone in my community.

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