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The poor need representation in court and thousands of law school graduates need work.
Models draw their strength from selective representation.
It might be useful to have a public dialog about the relative merits of direct democracy versus representation.
It also gave me a great visual representation of why it takes about two months to climb this mountain.
We could easily have decreed that one do math in your representation but it wouldn't have changed the above.
There were a couple of issues with my previous calculation of the best fractional representation of pi.
Denying indigent asylum seekers court-appointed legal representation has ended up costing the taxpayer more, not less.
The adequacy of representation was one of the key points.
Neither state should try and shape the will or representation of the other but accepted it as a given.
There wouldn't have been any reason to publish it, even by the standard means of an artist's representation.
However, either the time of the video is not a good representation of the actual run or the average speed is too low.
But the conduct appears to be acceptable corporate legal representation during an investigation.
It's a habit of seeing and thinking that colors any representation of an individual's link to a collective.
List system of proportional representation based on universal adult suffrage.
Each colored dot is the visual representation of a feeling sentence.
What you need is not an accurate representation of feathers, but an accurate impression of feathers.
The technology renders a three-dimensional digital representation of what a pilot sees out the window.
Having such an altered representation of reality is forbidden in our society.
The sheet music is displayed on-screen, along with a small representation of a keyboard.
Every phone is different, so the emulator is a general representation.
The new version gives more representation to unknown and unfindable authors of out-of-print books.
They suggest that the brain does not register the limb as a part of the body, and contains no representation of it.
The first episode is a fair representation of life going into prison.
The filtering engine also returns a visual representation of similar artists.
The second is a free-form and mind-blowing representation of the lunar surface.
Thanks for this better representation of your character.
Mind space is an enhanced representation of real space.
Across species, body posture is often the primary representation of power.
We adopt a case-based approach to the representation of behavior signatures.
We do not always want a faithful representation of reality.
Have students give verbal reports on the relationship between the clay mountain and the mapped representation of it.
Each spiky point is a subdued representation of the magnetic lines.
The picture on this website definitely does not give an accurate representation of its construction.
It creates, but it creates by combination and representation.
But their case is nowise different from that, say, of the varying national modes of pictorial representation.
Over time, the system of shared governance has evolved to include more and more representation in the decision-making process.
Once again, having representation of a lobbying group doesn't mean your civil rights aren't being violated.
Sixty per cent of seats will be elected via closed party lists on a proportional-representation system.
She had come down, she said, in representation of some three hundred people there who were in need of help.
The book is a representation of this place and this time so that people can learn from it.
The boys had no legal representation during this visit with police.
Often the viewer is one of those elements, and he or she actively completes the representation with their actions.
The difference between the two traditions of representation is not a difference in military technique.
The question now is what this new representation of the data allows that hasn't yet been done.
The video here shows a guy kicking over virtual vases and pushing around a virtual representation of himself.
With that in mind, it is interesting to see the graphical representation of this extinction data.
People need to realize that an image is not a representation of reality.
If you can't tell from my image, in this representation the curved cylindrical mirror is a series of vertical plane mirrors.
They have no representation in world politics and they have no influence in the decisions that govern their future.
Though, they can do it with paper and pencils around a table, but they prefer to have a representation of their character.
It's also a one-time representation of an ever-shifting target.
Basically, every piece of audio creates an algorithmic representation of itself that serves as a unique identifier.
He appeared to be healthy, as well as confident in the legal representation he was receiving.
Form is a representation of designers' conceptions of users as well as themselves.
Its abstract representation of the routes was elegant but flawed.
The pages of the books even have an off-white coloring and a visual representation of paper texture.
The first ten are aimed at increasing the representation and power of poor and small countries in global organizations.
It must reform its system of representation and resume its role as a credible lender during economic crises.
But it's likely that our internal representation is nowhere near that complete.
They might not wait for all the signals from the retina to arrive before they begin building a representation of the world.
Poorly presented show full of weasel words and inaccurate representation.
She has to watch you do the action and store a representation of that action in her brain.
The term visualizing simply means constructing an internal representation of objects in external three-dimensional space.
Get an honest job and/or support representation by taxation, would be my pill for you, if not for everyone here.
Visual representation of the four shark communities.
Your internal representation of the religious is cartoonish, and really needs to be reworked.
Language itself is simply a finite symbolic representation of reality.
Yet scientists lose it all when theologians say external galaxies are a good representation of the religious idea of a firmament.
He wanted to free painting from representation, and free art from expectations, but this was not without contradictions.
They would prefer full-scale proportional representation, which would make coalition government the norm.
In many more cases, officials exercise control without formal representation, imposing pay limits and lending targets.
Students may change one representation and see how it corresponds to changes in another representation.
Representation case proceedings are considered to be investigatory, rather than adversarial in nature.
Definition of adjacency-list representation, possibly with links to more information and implementations.

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Just imagine for a moment what life in this country might have been if women had been properly represented in Congress. ... more
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