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As radar images represent surface backscatter rather than reflected light, there is no colour in a standard radar image.
Different colors in the image represent different gas temperatures.
Someone else asked about the third brain image and what it was supposed to represent.
The fight among powerhouse dealers to represent lucrative artists' estates is never-ending.
Law students don't usually represent other students who are accused of breaking the law.
All you have to do is represent yourself as the underdog.
Have your students bring from home ten things that they feel represent their culture.
Robots represent our attempts to understand what it means to be human.
Rugged mountains and untamed forest came to represent a country that wanted to see itself as strong and fertile.
More specifically, you are reviewing their ability to represent themselves online.
The problem is that accreditation doesn't represent any of those things, yet.
Economist to represent the company in presentations to other key staff and clients.
Small white arrows that represent the direction in which the plate is moving point toward the upper left.
Much of my understanding of science has come from trying to represent certain concepts in code.
The grey areas represent the parts of the skeleton they recovered.
The lighter colored regions are interpreted to represent sandier sediment and the dark is muddier.
The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent those of his employers.
Display the graphs around the room in groups according to the statistics they represent.
The areas in white represent known parts of the skull.
In theory, each of those represent bodies with competing interests.
The bigger problem is what the terms are meant to represent.
Ask students to consider what types of objects they think best represent them.
Divers have discovered an unusual flat-faced fish with forward-looking eyes that may represent an entirely new piscine family.
Even if a complete skeleton is ever found, it is not likely to represent the largest member of this genus.
If the scientists are correct, they represent the earliest animals yet known with differentiated toes.
Private loans represent a small-but until recently, rapidly growing-portion of the education-loan market.
Taken together they represent a formidable display of monetary aggression.
Scientists say the murals represent the world's earliest known use of oil-based binders in painting.
All three new puzzles represent sporadic simple groups of permutations.
The views presented here are my own, and do not represent those of my employer.
Plainly the council must seek to represent the whole country.
Your three countries must have unique characteristics and represent the diversity of that region.
Instead groups of neurons compete to represent a concept, until one emerges dominant.
Collared greens, another tradition, are supposed to represent money.
These strata represent the movement of the ancient shoreline through the area.
And with good reason: they represent a valuable source of protein and fat.
Photons represent infinity, cause they are timeless.
These stars represent the four major oceans in the world.
But radio waves are fairly low energy, and they represent only a fragment of the star's intensity.
Label each item and also groups of items to explain how they represent parts of your life.
And, it could represent a tipping point in the conflict between food and fuel demand in the future.
The green and yellow areas represent a hot cloud of expanding debris, while the outer shock wave is in blue.
There are organizations that can represent the scientific consensus to the public.
They represent a variety of professions and work with the program for a specific amount of time.
Cartographers use symbols to represent geographic features.
For example, add food-coloring to vanilla wafers to represent an ammonite or shark tooth.
Larger rectangles represent more new in-state students.
They represent the best part of education because you learn by doing and usually have a pretty fun time while you're at it.
Unimaginable wealth and steadily rising exclusivity represent a dangerously unsustainable trend for elite colleges.
These discouraged workers represent a reservoir of labour-market slack that will dry up only with strong economic growth.
They represent their time, and they represent the thoughts and dreams of people now much older, or gone completely.
And while it's nowhere near a return to the go-go years preceding the recession, the moves represent a significant thaw.
Paler colours represent a smaller voter share and stronger colours a bigger one.
Of course, no such poll can be said to represent an accurate picture of popular opinion.
Because mummification was unintentional, the mummies represent a broad social spectrum of the community.
Taken as a whole, they represent his basic theory of relativity and help form the basis of modern physics.
Since they represent the growth area in higher education, we're happy to hear that candidates are interested in them.
The creche figures represent all walks of life and are sprinkled throughout the panorama.
The fossils represent the first evidence of ancient iridescence in feathers.
The achievement could represent a major step toward making the dream of successful xenotransplantation a reality.
They represent the southernmost nomadic reindeer culture in the world.
The ideas represent a simple yet powerful vision of a better future.
While this group cannot claim to do half the world's trade, it can claim to represent half of the world's population.
Today's unmanned orbital droids may represent the state of the art.
They represent a narrative generated by the unconscious mind that can rather easily be manipulated.
Multiple animal icons might represent alliances or marriage ties between various groups.
There were major creative challenges, such as how you represent higher dimensions on a stage.
But wherever they are, the caterpillars often represent the entirety of their species.
They are supposed to represent a store of nervous energy, and in various mental diseases are deficient or absent.
The two other plays represent a quite different order of experiment.
He is able neither to represent the one nor to carry on the tradition of the other.
The four-in-hand, as can be gathered from the above description, did not in any way in his eyes represent possible pageantry.
It would be sad injustice, the reader must understand, to represent all my excellent old friends as in their dotage.
Rather, these goals represent the kickoff to lasting and growing success.
Be careful to represent their interests before you take a personal stand.
They represent the ideal perfection of these pursuits.
Above all, they say that the dissolution would represent an intellectual loss for the university.
The reason they're valued in academia is that they represent years of work and development as an independent thinker and scholar.
The turtles represent antiquity and the beauty of a timeless design.
The monster is a beneficial foe, helping us to virtually represent the obstacles that real life will surely send our way.
The examples in this article represent facilitated open online courses.
Book marketing has always been a word-of-mouth activity, and readers would represent books they have loved.
To housing advocates, those conversions represent a victory for the wealthy.
To many teachers he would represent much, but he would not be anything in particular.
So-called designer estrogens represent a new approach to drug development.
For another musician, this insular quality might represent a lack of curiosity and range.
But the models do represent genuinely different approaches.
Because piles represent the process of active, ongoing thinking.
They tried to represent the best of what was being published.
Similarly, our equipment allows us to reveal and represent topographies of wireless networks.
These spikes represent the electric field lines, the lines along which a test charge would move.
Clearly, these bullet points represent an overarching, general strategy.
Each figure has been customized to represent his or her special characteristics.
But coupon resales represent a potentially enormous business opportunity.
They represent a geographic expansion of the drone war.
The malcontents may also represent a generational shift among migrant workers.
The other five will represent district councils, which look after local issues such as cultural events and environmental projects.
The price rises in both countries, though small, represent a conspicuous turnaround from the falling prices of last year.
The two findings, taken together, represent a big step forward for the gun lobby.
As such, they represent one of the accord's modest successes.
BP argues its slight cut in investment does not really represent a reduction, thanks to deflation.
So momentum may simply represent the lag between beliefs and the new reality.
However, even small awards represent a good return for little risk.
Where data in a table represent a ranking criterion, the ranking figure is shown in brackets.
Distinct cultures represent unique visions of life itself, morally inspired and inherently right.
Decide upon a small symbol that can be drawn on the self-stick notes to represent each business type.
Have the cork in the pan represent a boat on the ocean.
Place the cork in the pan to represent a boat on the ocean.
The rooms included two compartments, each containing different artificial vegetation to represent two habitat types.
Students should take care to represent the locations the pirate traveled as realistically as possible on the map.
Half of the students will represent an indigenous rights organization and will defend the interests of the local communities.
For example, students can add food coloring to vanilla wafers to represent an ammonite or shark tooth.
Below are eleven boxes containing icons that represent plants, animals, and other major categories of living things.
Their stories represent the plight of so many elephants here.
The goal: to represent the creatures that lived in or moved through that space.
One of the symbols might represent the number two and the other the number four.
All camel finds represent adult animals, which fit with a function as beast of burden.
They represent our societal and generational fears, or something.
The series could represent a radical rethinking of a key contemporary genre.
The cuteness craze may represent a nostalgia for a lost world.
Even if dowries did represent wealth, he argued, wealth did not determine social position.
Different subject matter, but the same struggle to represent.
Not only that, but they represent the sound of laughter in almost exactly the same alphabetic or phonetic form.
These high school graduates, moreover, represent a dwindling part of the population.
The long strokes of dark gray charcoal represent both turbulent waters and inexpressible grief.
His code used short and long pulses of electric current to represent letters of the alphabet.
And they came to represent much that's wrong with our political system.
Do what you must do in any case, but try to represent it as a special favor to the people.
Scientists say the results represent a new stage in synthetic biology.
Beyond that, the statistics of human speech represent a tempting challenge.
The translucent forms represent the left half of the brain.
The blue lines represent neural fibers connecting different parts of the brain.
The green ribbons represent the four helical columns of the artificial protein.
The dots represent activity in a specific network within the brain.
If his prediction comes true, it will represent an astonishing triumph in rapid technological development.
However, questions remain about how well these cells represent neurons in living brains.
Currently, hybrids represent the transition or bridge between conventional combustion vehicles and electric vehicles.
Smaller values represent a faster response time and are more desirable, especially for gaming or viewing video.
Knowledge, in as much as books represent it, will belong to someone else.
Even though the actual abuses represent a small fraction of the entries, they loom large in public perception.
So economic factors are being emphasized but those economic factors represent nothing more then a change of tactics.
High typing speeds are intended to represent copying speed, and have little to do with the process of generating original text.
These are the minimum set of objectives necessary for it to succeed, and the maximum set which represent optimal efficiency.
These two blue dots represent two high school males who are probably a lot closer than they think.
On the map, white dots represent individual blogs, sized according to number of links.
Higher frequencies of vibration represent larger energies.
The people in this group represent journalism specialist of the highest order who deserve to get paid to write.
The four scientists profiled here represent idiosyncratic, minority views.
Yet that fact does not represent a real challenge to evolution.
The darker bands in between represent the tree's summer and fall growth.
These problems become particularly astute when you're looking for correlations between statistics that represent entire nations.
Prices represent subjective values and there may even be many prices existing for the same object or service.
But, that does not represent the vast majority of humanity.
The links in this theoretical chain, of course, represent only those few immunodeficiency viruses that scientists have identified.
Probably to represent as best they could the actual wavelengths involved.
The second set of bubbles are a meaningless way to represent the information.
The field equations represent a continuously differentiable curve from the singularity all the way to infinity.
The three words represent a summons to reflect on the meaning of existence.
And even amid a popular revolt this year against the moneyed interests they represent, they delivered huge returns.
Of all the couplings in the film, these two represent the smallest amount of star wattage.

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