reprehensible in a sentence

Example sentences for reprehensible

To ignore the sin of lying and blame someone who is trying to cut through the veil of secrecy is reprehensible.
Giving everyone a chance to fail, or even a second chance, is by no means a reprehensible policy.
Exploiting an event to further an agenda is not in itself reprehensible.
Finally shareholders are becoming incensed by these reprehensible bonuses and severance packages.
To do what he did on such a large scale and to so-called friends is reprehensible.
Punitive damages are imposed to punish reprehensible conduct and to deter others from similar behavior in the future.
Such crimes are reprehensible and should be punished severely.
His efforts to cover up his crime by stealing from another client, an elderly widow, make his actions all the more reprehensible.

Famous quotes containing the word reprehensible

If the underdog were always right, one might quite easily try to defend him. The trouble is that very often he is but ob... more
Autobiography is now as common as adultery and hardly less reprehensible.... more
For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; ... more
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