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With each open course offered, the content repository grows exponentially.
These metaphors would then be stored in the metaphor repository.
The ballot should then be physically transported to a secure repository and read by a machine by a second manufacturer.
It's the wellspring of all human feelings, behaviors, experiences as well as the repository of memory and self-awareness.
Of course, there remain political obstacles to the siting and implementation of a repository.
Any little earthquake, or even random drilling, will rupture the repository and release the gas.
According to ancient records, the tomb was a repository of exquisite antiquity.
Get a network-attached storage device to serve as a central media repository for every computer in the house.
Rather, it is an exhaustive external repository meant to capture every single thing that you may want to do.
The agency is the world's largest repository of information about cryptography and usually operates under total secrecy.
Even then, such a unique and vast repository of riches stirred imaginations worldwide.
Suddenly he launched into an impromptu ten-minute monologue, posing as an endlessly chattering repository of useless information.

Famous quotes containing the word repository

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