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Example sentences for repose

Fish, reptiles, and insects all experience some kind of repose too.
Ice and avalanches of snow were regularly joining the rocks on their one-way trips toward new angles of repose.
He neither flinched nor faltered, and his repose and dignity would have done honor to a saint.
Those are increasingly digital, and still repose largely at the agencies that created them, or in temporary holding centers.
The ash and lava cooled, and the mountain took on its present repose.
In repose he has the staid face of an affluent farmer.
So she began in her usual fashion to build up a false repose on the hither side of belief.
He needs tranquillity, because the development of his science requires the repose of the study.
She enjoyed the deep repose which, it is to be hoped, sanctifies all honest betrothals.
In the end the whole cast is joined in serene repose.
The repose of this beautiful and romantic spot, was at length broken by the clamors of war.
During the three last months of her life, she found no repose.
Let us, with pious earnestness, beg repose for his soul.
The voice he invented could suggest the sorrow of the violence perceived while attempting to create repose, an instant's peace.
There can be no such thing as repose in the art function.
As she continued to converse, reminiscing about her past, her face was a study in repose.
After applying the doctrine of repose, the trial court granted plaintiffs' motion for partial summary disposition.
Every pile of loose particles has a unique angle of repose, depending upon the material it's made from.
The court granted the motion, concluding the suit was time-barred by both the statute of limitations and the statute of repose.
The angle of repose for non-cohesive sediments these values are relatively well bounded.
Sealed pool steel angle of repose details must be provided where required.
The size and moisture content of the material affects the angle of repose and can allow gravity flow.
Some intervals of repose between eruptions at a given volcano have been much longer than its long-term average.

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