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Example sentences for reportedly

The main advantage is: it's clean, it's the safest city in the world, and salaries are reportedly excellent.
It is building a state-of-the-art teaching hospital as well as reportedly the largest student-services hall in the world.
Reportedly, every single invention from this research effort was eventually deployed.
Tens of thousands of spectators reportedly came to watch.
The steel container housing the reactor, however, was reportedly not damaged.
The coachman survived, but reportedly was not amused.
However, the government has reportedly reneged on this mandate, and has postponed that deadline indefinitely.
Other such speakers have reportedly been well-compensated for appearing at the group's events.
It also reportedly slashed the share of her winnings that she gave the state from sixty-five per cent to twelve per cent.
Thousands of adherents were imprisoned and some three hundred were reportedly confined in mental hospitals.
Amazon's forthcoming tablets will also reportedly be accompanied with their own movie streaming service.
Filched cables have reportedly caused train delays and stalled repairs to telecoms networks.
Sales were reportedly much better than last year, when shopping was stalled by the shock of financial freefall.
The provision is opposed by regulators and, reportedly, by the administration.
It was reportedly billions of dollars cheaper than the others, albeit for smaller and less hardened plants.
Amazon too is reportedly trying to build a subscription service.
However, their leader reportedly says that he will take no rash decisions if his party rises to power.
He also reportedly told firms to pre-screen all content before it was posted, which he denies.
Several photographers were reportedly on hand and openly snapped the pair, who seemed at ease with the attention.
The extension reportedly doubles his original salary.
Their relationship was short, reportedly anywhere from three to six months in duration.
At the time of registration, the fee was reportedly still under negotiation.
Reportedly, she's also considering staging a photo exhibition to showcase her own work.
In later years he was reportedly in declining health.
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