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Gradually, his interests evolved to include photographic reportage that addressed news as well as geopolitical and social issues.
The reportage of events often bears little resemblance to their actual objective importance.
If this story is true, no facts as reported herein are contrary, why is this not straight reportage.
Civic action has changed, and so has the accompanying reportage.
Where the book scores highly, though, is in its reportage.
Such articles, non-fiction reportage and essays that span more than a few pages, have long been perfectly acceptable in print.
Fewer and fewer people care about the in-depth story nor trust its reportage.
Our interest and expertise is in reportage and photojournalism, so those will be the focus of our lessons.
But that is only part of the problem: venue for reportage is another part.
The paper ran the pictures alongside harrowing reportage for days on end.
Film reviewing has always had an ingredient of reportage.
If you want to promote better government, first you have to have better government reportage.
Most seem to demonstrate a more even-handed mindset than what is more typically found in too much contemporary reportage.
Nothing in those findings indicate that reportage is itself politically biased.
Readers eagerly look forward to her reportage of cultural events.
In addition to her anchoring and political coverage, she carved out a niche in arts reportage.

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An imaginative adventure does not enjoy the same corsets as reportage.... more
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