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Example sentences for reply

We will make every effort to answer your queries and will reply to you via email within two business days.
The request for a reply is often omitted, since everyone is supposed to know that an answer is necessary.
If you are unsure how to answer a question, you might reply with another question.
Seconds later comes a reply saying whether the drug is genuine.
Long ago, farmers cut down nearby woodlands to make room for their crops-and nature came back with a surprising reply.
Thank you for your comment in reply to my questions.
That's the only reply industry ever makes to the the knowledge of the harm caused by their pollutants or their designs.
Considering the strength of the argument, this is one lame reply.
Five years too late, a reply that is completely nonsensical as well as full of the requisite bad grammar, and no link.
The thoughtless humanitarian is ready with his reply.
His reply might surprise you: it's better for customers.
One more from a former public health official, then brief reply, after the jump.
Used to being shouted at, the book disdains to reply.
The reply feature allowed us to get more precise information.
Check your profile inbox for a reply with your game code.
With one button press, on the steering wheel, users can reply to a text by verbally selecting a preset response.
For e-mails requiring a response, please allow up to four business days for a reply.
He did not reply but poured more wine for her, and then for himself.
If the disciples offered a reply to this, it is not recorded.
One could state that he never works from life, but he might plausibly reply that he never works from anything else.
She did not reply to reporters who said good morning to her in the corridors of the courthouse.
Her downcast-eyed yet stirring reply was that, in her days as a medical student, she had worn what she liked.
None of you ever post anything so you'll never see this withering reply.
But the argument that he gives for this in his book and repeats in his reply, begs the question.
The tone and content of your comments, however, compels me to reply.

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