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One simple answer is that it takes a lot of time to look back over other scientists' work and replicate their experiments.
The scientific community cannot replicate his results.
Scientists have created a robot that can replicate itself in minutes.
The reovirus takes advantage of this deficit to replicate inside cancer cells.
It makes me chuckle to think of what we've have to go through to replicate court tennis at our end of the world.
The ability to replicate large-scale military and government network enclaves.
True, several subsequent studies failed to replicate that report or replicated only parts of it.
In their own ways, each pre-college program looks to replicate art-school curricula.
But other researchers failed to replicate their results and it was clear that a mistake had been made.
Kang says he plans to replicate the work in cows and chickens.
And that's often true-higher temperatures can inhibit the bad guys' ability to replicate.
He also said they are likely easier to replicate artificially than human antibodies because they're smaller and simpler.
But nothing has been able to replicate the physical interaction that comes with an occasional visit.
Other researchers read them, poke holes in them, try to replicate them and use them as the basis for their own studies.
But the genes typically do not replicate across studies.
The goal of forest regeneration must be to replicate what is burned or harvested over time.
Eventually the telomeres dwindle to the point where the cell can no longer replicate.
Schwartz believes, is driven by our abilities to replicate things perfectly.
Then other researchers should attempt to replicate the work and publish their findings.
Tweed cautions readers without college-leadership experience not to try to replicate this stunt.
The first step in infection by flu viruses is their attachment to the cells in which they will replicate themselves.
It subsequently coopts the cell machinery in order to replicate.
But he hopes to soon replicate his frog experiment in mice.
Or a manager might be hired to replicate an index, not to outperform it.
And your challenge--to not replicate your dismal experience with your students.
Critics retort that some of this work has failed to replicate.
The delicate process is complicated to replicate in a laboratory.
It is quite clear how the first organic molecules came about, how they began to change and then to self replicate.
Many of the strategies cited are neither original nor new, but simply replicate best practice elsewhere.
Since raising spiders has proven difficult, researchers are investigating ways to replicate spider silk to avoid harvesting.
It's a vast, dynamic system and far more complicated to replicate than simply joining ever more processors together.
It does not replicate in mice, so the researchers had to graft human tumors into mice to test the therapy.
In a way, such an outcome would replicate what has occurred in the offline world.
Phil takes to the mud to replicate the animals' steps.
Web application providers typically replicate a server's content on multiple machines.
Replicate the evolutionary context and you might get a better outcome.
Once one column has been accurately simulated, the researchers will try to replicate several neocortical columns.
In past studies, mouse eggs have been induced to replicate without fertilization, but they survive only briefly.
The group also hunted down the original drawings to replicate structures that had decayed beyond repair.
Experimental archaeologists replicate the techniques and processes people used to create or use objects in the past.
Another popular approach has been to replicate hedge-fund strategies as closely as possible.
Few able-bodied athletes can replicate this astonishingly smooth stride.
It would be difficult, and undesirable, to replicate those conditions.
But don't worry, it won't destroy all your files or replicate itself and spread to all your friends' inboxes.
He has looked at the way amoebas move and tried to replicate it.
So it's basically saying that this author is regarded as a minority in the field which results failed to replicate.
It was one of those memorable, on-vacation meals that are impossible to replicate at home.
Viruses can evolve because of the mistakes they make when they replicate.
The researchers are keen to replicate the study to test for such things.
The skateboard uses motion controls to replicate your movements on-screen.
In therapy, he began noticing how group dynamics played out, and he decided to try to replicate that as visual art.
Both tried to replicate real human faces with lifelike expressions.
One cheap, reliable way to replicate the texture is by using semi- solidified plant oils.
Their work has proved especially important for understanding how cells replicate.
They lack a viable business model that they can replicate.
His book may not replicate a winning formula, but it's certainly a valentine to his proven success.
Both those models are almost impossible to replicate now.
Those things are difficult, but not impossible, for forgers to replicate.
The scientific method is based on being able to replicate an experiment and get the same or similar result.
Scientists created a computer simulation called game of life that can replicate some patterns.
They can also be used to replicate the style biases that, some would argue, have often been mistaken for fund-manager alpha.
Immersion is also developing software to record the feel of a real button and replicate that on-screen.
As a result, they thrive and replicate quickly-causing subsequent generations to contain larger and larger proportions of cheats.
The higher the energy achieved, the more closely physicists can replicate conditions that existed shortly after the big bang.
How much would you have to drink to replicate the experimental effects is a tough call.
The trick now is how to replicate these successful programs in the absence of a world war.
In other words, there's no reason the cells have to replicate themselves.
But safety issues in bioengineering will be more complex because of biology's unique ability to self-replicate.
To replicate itself, it has to infiltrate your cells and co-opt their machinery.
Molecules other then ones that can replicate may take this first step.
To replicate this with photons, you'd have to send them through a vacuum for that same distance.
Once one gets to the highest entropy state, one needs to know the value for every single variable in order to replicate the state.
Except they went over their old samples with their new method and they couldn't replicate their old sequences.
There is no way to reliably replicate the findings without the original data.
They can't even replicate their own work, themselves.
They conspired to prevent any opposition to their work and to prevent others from actually attempting to replicate their work.
They have never been able to replicate an incident of sudden acceleration.
If he can replicate it, he could win this tournament.
They can live for a year without feeding, and they replicate quickly.
On shorter routes, their advantages dwindle: they can neither transform a region nor replicate the advantages of wider networks.
He has looked at the way natural amoebas move, and tried to replicate it.
Large profits are rewards for actors or firms that obtain control over a difficult to replicate factor.
They don't self-replicate unless told to do so, and don't demand the same rights and living standards at the expense of mine.
The board's defenders, mainly smaller farmers, say they could not possibly replicate these services on their own.
If it is going to replicate a newspaper or textbook, you don't want some clunky thing to lug around.
Scientists are beginning to study whether high doses of whole-food extracts can replicate the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet.
Then they program software agents to replicate the behavior of those players.
Adult cells are fairly set in their ways, and don't seem to grow or replicate themselves as quickly as their younger counterparts.
But they haven't found a way to replicate the book's page-turning urgency.

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