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However, the marketing of a replica is dependent on the market and the demand for a special edition.
Sometimes it works, as when the radio industry enlisted the government's help to launch television as a replica of radio.
Here, avatars watch the webcast while seated in a virtual amphitheater, which was a replica of the actual site.
Triceratops' original skull and a few other carefully preserved bones are also on display alongside the replica.
Yet clubs' three main revenues streams-match tickets, television rights and replica kits-could also be enhanced.
Two double helices now existed in place of one, each a replica of the original.
Create a replica of a comet with earthly elements.
Can anyone tell me if anyone made a replica of myself.
Congratulations: you now have a perfect replica of a tabletop arcade cabinet.
Instead, there is a replica of an existing individual-and that's disturbing at a gut level.
Under the new regulations, these replica guns will face the same restrictions as conventional firearms.
More specifically, a bug's ear, or rather a replica of one.
Finally, the replica part made of plastic was used to make a mould for casting the finished component in aluminium.
With a few snapshots, you can build a detailed virtual replica.
The master is removed, and another material introduced, which is formed by the mold into a replica of the original shape.
See props, including replica boats, and a gallery of images from the film.
Its an exact replica of the tree branch outside my window.
Nobody knows whether this project will restore the theater to its glory or create a cartoonish replica to attract tourist dollars.
The pilots knew it well, having trained for their mission using a specially built replica.
The episode guide wasn't available for preview, but it's also part of the set, as is the ankh and the island replica.
The e-Edition is an exact replica of the print newspaper available online or by download.

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