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Second, the continuation of management's intent to replenish the heart of its organization, the farm systems.
Green, natural settings help to restore our focus and replenish our cognitive capacity.
Some say the attackers are apolitical arms smugglers, seeking to settle scores and replenish their stocks.
Mining phosphorus for fertilizer is consuming the mineral faster than geologic cycles can replenish it.
Add controlled-release fertilizer to the mix at planting time and replenish it yearly.
So they are constantly seeking ways to replenish it.
Flush that stuff right out of my system and them replenish my body with great amounts of fresh fruits and veggies.
The bank goes cap in hand to rich countries and tries to replenish its coffers.
Unlike fossil fuels derived from crude oil, biofuels are organic sources of energy that replenish naturally and quickly.
Researchers have identified stem cells in brain cancer tumors that replenish the tumors and keep them growing.
Transport bottlenecks exacerbated by wintry weather made it difficult in some places to replenish them.
The region's sandy soils allow rainfall to seep rapidly in and replenish the groundwater supply below.
We're consuming faster than the world can replenish.
Researchers have discovered cells that continually replenish leukemia tumors.
Stem cells exist to replenish the supply of other cells.
And unlike commercial pesticides, the prolific breeders can replenish themselves.
Governments took notice of overfishing-harvesting more fish than the ecosystem can replenish.
Allegedly, the negative ions open pores and replenish moisture.
And some ask if fish from fish farms could be released in the field to replenish natural populations.
The engine runs on butane, which you replenish with a standard cigarette-lighter refill.
In three easy steps, you can replenish your supply of stationery and wrapping paper without spending a penny.
Besides, if you leave it lying near your back door, you can use it as bait to replenish your ant colony.
And it will take a lot more rain to replenish the country's low water table.
In either case, the zoo will not replenish the group.
The money will be used to replenish and upgrade inventories for the holiday season, company officials said.
Platelets return to normal levels within a few hours, while it takes only a few days to replenish plasma.
Remember to replenish the coals and chips every hour.
And every year each counts on the other to replenish their respective collections of pajamas and ties.
As the liquid levels replenish-perhaps between gulps-the plug once again stops the hidden reservoir.
It became more and more difficult to replenish their fires, even from the fallen trees beside them, now half hidden in the drifts.
Small businesses hold off to replenish their inventories or add new workers.
After hummingbirds drink nectar from real flowers, it takes time for the flowers to replenish their supply.
These bone-marrow cells replenish red and white blood cells day in and day out for decades.
Without it, the neurons shouldn't be able to replenish their vital supply of proteins.
So our synapses need to constantly replenish their supply of this protein, if we're to keep stable long-term memories.
But it takes about a week for the gastric lining to replenish itself.
It's not going to fix the hole in the ozone layer, refreeze melted glaciers, or replenish our fresh water supply.
If your own superhero stockpile is spent and you're looking to replenish, then look no further.
Many oceanic ecosystems rely on water current to maintain temperature, replenish food supplies, and so forth.
Bone-marrow transplants for leukemia rely on stem cells to replenish blood cells, for instance.
All is gone for the sake of controlling what nature did to replenish and sustain the delta.
On the other hand, the term rapidly renewable refers to materials that generally replenish within less than a decade.
For example, wood can be used to build structures or burned for fuel, and trees can be replanted to replenish the supply of wood.
Stem cells are their ancestors, and can replenish themselves indefinitely.
Though capital gains cannot finance physical investment, they can replenish balance-sheets.
Water losses therefore matter, even if they help to replenish aquifers.
We are draining aquifers far faster than they can replenish.
The cooling water injected into the reactor cores is being heated to boiling point, so workers must continually replenish it.
If sufficient organic nutrients are around to replenish, that is great.
Your body loses a lot of salt while running and finding ways to replenish that salt is important.
Even in state legislatures stifled by partisan gridlock, lawmakers agree tobacco taxes are a vital way to replenish their coffers.
There are also plans to release more rabbits into the wild, to replenish the animals' food supply.
Salt tablets or sports drinks, which also replenish lost minerals, can be helpful.
Stay close to water to replenish the coolant, which boiled off and threatened to let the engine overheat.
There are fountains and other bottles filled with water that players find to replenish their health.
If you lose too much blood during the procedure, you may be given a blood transfusion to replenish your blood supply.
Probiotics help replenish the friendly microflora your digestive tract needs.
Pools shall be visited once per week to check water balance, replenish chemicals and monitor equipment.
Replenish with new oil as necessary per manufacturer's.
For hot foods, use a heating dish or re-heat small servings from the refrigerator and replenish the buffet.
It's also used to invigorate degraded habitat and replenish low stream flows.

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