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And your heart can really get pumping on some of the fast hulas that remain staples in the repertoire.
Musicologists showed interest, although the band's sprawling repertoire and tendency to improvise posed a significant challenge.
The basis of any singer's repertoire is the stock of great popular songs known as standards.
Radio stations blare an impressive repertoire of catchy revolutionary tunes.
The iBar is an essential addition to any lush's repertoire that may already include beer robots and wine braziers.
It's great fun, and an excellent addition to your game night repertoire.
But one group of seismologists has flipped things around to harvest an extensive repertoire of fin whale songs.
Strangely, this repertoire of upside-down locomotion may have evolved twice in sloths.
Plus, there are plenty of helpful tips that you can add to your repertoire and that will help you become a better builder.
In time, many of the country's unique regional forms would include the corrido as standard repertoire.
Afghan music is largely in song form, but a significant repertoire of instrumental music also exists.
The broad repertoire of edible animal parts emerged from a subsistence culture in which nothing was wasted.
Their repertoire includes original songs by each of the band members.
House cats employ a vocal repertoire that extends from a purr to a screech.
Everyone has their methods-pieces of a repertoire, so to speak-and spend time practicing and honing them.
So far, sustained transmission-the chain-reaction spread of ordinary flu-is not in its repertoire.
He created a language of body signals, and his repertoire included the famously stiff elocution and walk.
Misfortune perhaps, for opera would disappear from repertoire.
The band's punchy, tuneful repertoire is now ten records strong.
Our repertoire of functional olfactory genes has been shrinking over evolutionary time-and no one knows why.
It may well be that our mirror neurons react only to actions that are part of our own motor repertoire.
Science is a fairly new phenomenon in our specie's repertoire and has shown amazing potential in a few centuries.
But on her mettle she was last night as she went through a repertoire of favorites.
The pavilion complies, but the rest of its repertoire is more intriguing.
Roast chicken is the utility infielder of practically everyone's culinary repertoire.
If she sticks with it for the rest of the year, her repertoire will have expanded considerably.
It's not common today, but it's now part of the journalist's repertoire.
Some amino acids-sweet glycine and savory glutamate-turn out to be big contributors to seafood's delicious repertoire of flavors.
We need to get over the misconception that the best care is provided by a big repertoire of specialists.
Before long its repertoire had expanded to dangerous work, such as welding.
He's solid but not overpowering and has a four-pitch repertoire.
They performed a repertoire of short, patriotic anthems with gusto, if less-than-perfect technique.
Conservators constantly try to enlarge their repertoire of treatments.
Once the punch in the mouth is part of your repertoire-once you've done it a few times as an adult-it never really goes away.

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