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They may smell pleasant to us, but the plants make them to repel their mortal enemies.
Some of these soaps can also be used in the garden to repel insects.
The same principle is probably what helps them repel water.
It seeks to repel enemies with a painful energy beam.
If you are looking for a chemical-free way to repel mosquitoes, you may already have the solution in your home.
Stairwells are pressurised to repel smoke and entered only through air-lock-style vestibules.
At that point, the electrons at the surface of your fingers repel the electrons on either side of the page.
Moreover, positrons carry electric charge and naturally repel each other.
Seems to neither consistently attract nor repel them.
One day a domestic version might even repel burglars.
Such incentives attract the lazy and mediocre and repel the talented or diligent.
There's a fungus among us chili fans-and some of the spicy peppers evolve their kick to repel it, a new study says.
Depending on the spin, electrons either attract or repel metals.
Electrodes located behind the capsules can therefore attract or repel the particles.
Substances such as oils, beeswax, and pine tree resins-which repel water and microbes-were then applied.
With few sharks to repel or attract, they chose pit bulls.
As well as allowing you to enjoy midwinter barbecues in comfort, it repel all sorts of pests.
The fish in a local park fascinate and repel her in equal measure.
The exterior is treated to repel dirt, stains and even a light rainfall.
Comics repel the casual reader with open-ended story arcs.
Bigger groups are also better able to repel neighbors' attempts to take over their ranges.
Ravens flew in, sat on his wounded hip, and tore pieces of his flesh while he feebly tried to repel them.
Point out that birds produce a natural oil on their feathers that helps repel water.
The fragrance will keep clothes smelling fresh and the natural resins in the cedar, although not insecticides, will repel moths.
The community of nations has resolutely gathered to condemn and repel lawless aggression.
Today's teacher compensation system is perfectly designed to repel ambitious individuals.
Today, it's clear that feathers perform many functions: they help birds retain body heat, repel water and attract a mate.
The positively-charged leaves repel, giving a rough measure of the strength of the induction.
Old logs remain intact for centuries, protected by bitter tannins and volatile oils that repel insects.
Researchers have made materials that repel oil and are able to clean themselves without the help of soap and water.
The molecules cause growing branches to repel each other.
By coating these clusters with an electrically charged surfactant, the researchers cause the clusters to repel each other.
Since wax and water repel one another, the wax forms small droplets.
What may repel us in our emotions can take hold in our intellects.
The rumor was they were using cattle prods to repel unwanted visitors.
Method to repel mosquitoes and ticks using naturally occurring compound.
There are a no materials that repel all metals, but there are some materials that repel all magnets.
Skin patch products that claim to repel or mitigate insects are pesticide products.
Noise-making devices used in agriculture to repel wildlife.
When packed closely in a nucleus, they repel one another strongly.
The images also revealed a mechanism that molecules can use to bind to surfaces that would normally repel them.

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