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Stainless steel on the counters is repeated in new appliances.
There is a record of a white stork's nest that was in repeated use for hundreds of years.
The strut is repeated endlessly, eight or ten times a minute during the busiest display period after dawn.
The phrases are repeated in patterns known as themes.
In some of these quilts, patterns of similar color combinations are uniformly repeated.
At the open-air nursery, a pair of three-year-old males launched repeated attacks on me through the enclosure fence.
In a month-long spectacle of feasting and negotiating on a scale that would never be repeated, they both got their wish.
It corrects some of the oft-repeated mistakes written about her life.
Since the episode aired, people have repeated the stunt.
As soon as people were in position, the loss of control event repeated itself, but with a more rapid onset.
The experiment has not been repeated to my knowledge.
If the motion to reconsider is lost it cannot be repeated except by general consent.
His successes were so repeated that no wonder the envious and the vanquished spoke sometimes with bitterness regarding them.
Ossification of muscular tissue as a result of repeated strain or injury is not infrequent.
Allied mortgage company survives despite repeated sanctions.
Each standard is supported by three reading lessons that can be repeated with textbook reading or future articles.
The gags are either obvious, lame, ineptly timed or repeated so many times as to render them devoid of humor.
One-time exposure does no harm, but repeated exposure may damage kidneys, lungs and the nervous system.
Should you survive, you may be stricken by repeated bouts of sickness.
Despite repeated requests, the government has provided no protection, nor has anyone been arrested.
There have been repeated stories of strokes and pancreatic cancer.
The whole thing then had to be heated up to boiling point again before the cycle could be repeated.
Critics worry that people will become blasé about repeated security alerts.
Yet contrary to repeated forecasts of doom from orthodox economists, the economy is roaring.
Repeated allegations of corruption split his cabinet a year ago.
The firm ignored repeated requests to mend its ways.
Chimps simply did not get the idea of social signals of this sort, however many times the experiment was repeated.
But the coyote's repeated failure to catch roadrunners would leave the plant running idle.
Many voters too are hostile, tired both of repeated belt-tightening and of the air of sleaze that hangs around the government.
It'd be interesting to see the study repeated with other languages.
Instead history repeated itself, with a verdict that evidence remained inconclusive.
Evidence is mounting that repeated concussions can do long-term harm to the brain.
The goal of the treatment is habituation, a form of learning in which a response to a stimulus diminishes with repeated exposure.
Vowels are lingered over, phrases are repeated in high-pitched voices, and questions carry exaggerated inflections.
The participants returned later in the day, about an hour after eating lunch, and repeated the blind taste tests.
If the theory is correct, there should be no need for repeated training sessions.
She has repeated the process, with the same success.
But repeated searches for this myriad population of frosty worlds came up empty-handed.
First, all participants heard and repeated a sentence.
In some cases this process had to be repeated several times.
After the tears are harvested, the incision is reopened and the process repeated.
After the remaining fish matured and spawned, the team repeated the process.
The researchers were so surprised by the results, they repeated the study several times.
As the subject repeated doing something, so the neural pathway thickened visibly.
Also a single sequence is often of little import as the same protein is often repeated.
Scientists continue to learn more about the nefarious consequences of repeated concussions.
None of which is new and doesn't need to be repeated throughout the week.
The team repeated the experiment after the mice were given drugs to inhibit methylation.
Mixing from the repeated use of the fire pit may or may not explain the messy order.
Some even warn that repeated visits to the radon mines could increase a patient's risk of developing lung cancer.
It whispers to us about a history of repeated jolts of climate change and of the advance and retreat of humanity.
The block-printing process is repeated for each motif that is to make up the final design.
The first round of readers returned the originals, which were then circulated among a new group that repeated the process.
The cycle may be marked by a repeated retreat and advance of the ocean.
The cycle may be marked by repeated retreat and advance of the ocean.
The structure of the dance contained two or three brief segments, each one repeated in a jaunty tempo.
Song: a high-pitched, wiry to lisping squeaky warble from perch, often prolonged and repeated with pulsating succession.
Repeated swings in temperature can also weaken and eventually fragment rock, which expands when hot and shrinks when cold.
Forgive yourself and others so that mistakes are not repeated.
Evidence of repeated, prolonged touching had worn away both paint and actual decoration, at some places down to the substrate.
Song: long, complex song consisting of a mixture of original and imitative phrases, each repeated several times.
Song: a loud, whistled peto peto peto or wheedle wheedle wheedle, often repeated monotonously.
In winter, repeated snowfalls build a snowpack dozens of meters thick.
The destruction was repeated the next day, and the next.
Many in higher education are troubled by the repeated mismanagement and publication of erroneous data by the department.
Some of them refused to submit policies for the ranking or did not respond to repeated requests for their policies.
In two cases, instructors confronted students about their repeated plagiarism but took no disciplinary action against them.
Her lawyer has not responded to repeated requests for comment.
No matter how often it is repeated, however, this wisdom remains unconvincing.
Themes can be long or short, but they will be repeated in a piece.
There's a chance, of course, that anything you say to almost anyone will be repeated.
The repeated tuition increases have fed public skepticism about wasteful spending by colleges.
Whatever concise description of your research you give is probably the one that will be repeated.
Cull out the repeated comments, not the unusual ones.
Our trite, repeated lines order the world too, but only by flattening it.
The process was repeated until five spectators had been involved.
The arrowhead motif pointing both up and down, is repeated symmetrically throughout the design.
There are repeated shots of her battered face as she suffers years of incarceration and beatings.
The following year, the promotion was repeated, and the year after that.
In it, a rising figure is played by the piano and then repeated by the horns.
After the first landing, something was gone forever: that first kiss could never be repeated.
Then he begins to wonder what would happen if he repeated the experiment on a larger scale.
If not exactly a deliberate swindle, it is an endlessly repeated put-on, a shaggy-dog story without a punch line.
The scene plays in virtual silence, interrupted only by the repeated pistol shots.
He then went back a second time and repeated the exercise, returning with more narcotics.
Writer describes the relentlessly repeated routine of his job.
It was always the same commercial, and it was repeated every ten minutes or so.
One theme repeated often and in different ways was that there needed to be more stringent standards for place-of-origin labeling.
Then the sea stirs again, there is another swell, and the performance is repeated.
History had repeated itself, the first time as farce, the second as tragedy.
It started, they said, with repeated phone calls late at night.
Stories of what happened in the hotel that night would be repeated, tweeted, and texted for months.
Bush vetoed it the next day, and the whole process was repeated a year later.
It was an expression that would be repeated often within his inner circle.
When there wasn't anything to report, they repeated rumors.
Lacking better figures, others repeated this guess, usually without attribution.
Attempts to move her arms produced clonic contractions, ie, contractions not sustained but compulsively repeated.
Her success in promoting the private sector's responsibility for day care has never been repeated.
His mind was nearly empty of distractions when he heard something peculiar: a dull repeated noise.
The debate over the impact of repeated head trauma on the lives of football players can no longer really be called a debate.
Repeated application of agricultural chemicals renders soils brittle and lifeless, prone to blowing and washing away.
Such a process repeated through thousands of generations inevitably gave rise to moral sentiments.
It's a perfect example of the kind of word that, if repeated often enough, will make you insane.
The physicists set up a video camera and repeated the experiment--with the same explosive results.
After eight years he again repeated the whole process and found those two-year effects significantly more pronounced.
The same basic tale has repeated itself hundreds of times in a number of labs.
Repeated bouts of illness take their toll in anemia and debilitation.
Every day this spectacle repeated itself: parrots in the morning, pigeons in the afternoon, and occasionally crows.
After repeated cycling through human hosts, a strongly transmissible strain could develop.
Whenever the tone is repeated, the rats immediately stop dead in their tracks.
During this sleep, the rats' place cells often repeated the exact same pattern of activity that was seen when the animals ran.
The startle response should habituate, or diminish, over repeated administrations.
In monographs summarizing the current status of languages, one encounters the same types of phrase monotonously repeated.
And the former governor finally makes good on his oft-repeated promise to face prosecutors from the witness stand.
People lose sensitive hair cells both with aging and with repeated exposure to loud sounds.
The liver, for example, is made up of repeated hexagonal lobes.
The process is repeated to encase the other half in a second type of gel.
Food and drink of all sorts tend to find their way repeated only their clothes.
One of the biggest problems with flash devices is oxide degradation upon repeated write cycles.
Despite repeated attempts to forbid this accounting practice, companies continue to deduct the payments.
Repeated blows to the head, which are routine in football, can have lifelong repercussions.
It is a scene of miracle working repeated often enough in hospitals throughout the country.
Normally, repeated exposure to the same experiences or images leads to habituation, or reduced response.
The board was unconvinced and recommended that the research be repeated.
Ordinarily, those figures would be a source of joy to new parents, instantly memorized and endlessly repeated.

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