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Example sentences for repayment

The bank's projected post-repayment capital ratios look sturdy enough, but credit losses remain high.
The company has to present a repayment plan to the court, but the court can reject it and impose a plan of its own.
After an initial period, payments surge as principal repayment kicks in.
Borrowing allows younger people to consume something now and commit themselves to repayment over some future period.
Coverage has to be large and repayment swift, to deter panic withdrawals.
Traffickers seem to have no trouble finding staff, often offered as debt repayment.
Federal loans are subsidised, and they offer better forgiveness and repayment provisions.
Lending terms were restrictive, typically requiring full repayment within five years.
It would not be loans but interest free with no capital repayment.
But it is also because of the high rate of default on loans whose repayment always depended upon the whim of politicians.
So the immediate cost of servicing a standard repayment loan has become much more bearable.
They may instead grow more cautious, especially if repayment of their loans looks doubtful.
As long as governments care about the burden of repayment on future taxpayers, they will not seek loans capriciously.
Repayment requirements for private loans kick in regardless of whether borrowers have found jobs.
Forget about student loan repayment caps and tuition price calculators.
But if you say yes, it's fine to ask for a repayment agreement in writing.
The judge's decision clears the way for the plaintiffs in the case to demand repayment of legal expenses.
Student loan program changes affect rates, repayment.
Let students know they can change their repayment plan if the first one they choose doesn't work well for them.
If he wants to donate all of the proceeds from his new book to a student-loan repayment fund, even better.
The law school also offers a loan-repayment program for students who pursue public-service careers.
The letter acknowledges the mistake and requests repayment, offering to stagger my payments in three installments.
It's worth noting that to use this program, you have to be on the income-dependent repayment schedule.
They also pay more in interest because defaults stretch out the loan-repayment period.
Your lender will continue to hold you responsible and probably seek repayment.
No more borrowing until a realistic, vetted, plan for repayment is provided.
Repayment plans are available to borrowers who meet certain eligibility requirements.
It is important, when considering repayment options, to review your account and review the terms of loans you have borrowed.
Your repayment period begins the day after your grace period ends.

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