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Example sentences for repaired

When you take your car to be serviced or repaired, you expect the mechanic to replace any worn or damaged parts with new ones.
They can only be fixed when the credit markets themselves are repaired.
Walls and the concrete floor were repaired and cleaned.
Water-filled valve boxes or leaking sprinklers may be a sign that valves need to be repaired or replaced.
Then the figures-each made of linen bundles wrapped in wire armatures-were painstakingly cleaned and repaired.
Workers repaired and recast damaged parts and, using historical photographs, re-created the missing spear point and hammer.
Leach installed pipelines from the mint's well to distribute water to residents until the mains could be repaired.
If one of them broke a string on his sandals, the other two would wait until the damage was repaired.
In the next few days, the repaired machine made many more glides under good control.
Again, it was easy to take the car in and get it repaired at the approved garage.
They spent a few months in a rental while the house was repaired.
Don't buy anything that's ever been in an accident, no matter how well it seems to have been repaired.
And chances are, anything that is marginal about the house right now will have to be repaired if you sell it, too.
Yes, your writing skills have probably been damaged by journal editors, but they can be repaired.
The failures were failures at a fairly low level and this has been repaired.
Insist that damage done to college facilities by students be repaired, paid for, and publicly apologized for by the perpetrators.
Leaks and damage to individual shingles must be repaired immediately.
Fires may have to be extinguished, wellhead equipment repaired, gunk removed.
Good meals and nights of uninterrupted slumber have repaired some of the jet-lag grogginess and disorientation.
My pack came back all repaired, including the hole in the pocket.
The windshield was repaired, but now there were problems with an oxygen valve.
No one is sure how long it will take to pump out floodwaters once the levees are repaired.
The bone was repaired and a splint attached to the bird's leg.
So he planned to spend the next few days cleaning up and tending to his garden while they repaired his shop.
The vet tells us that he had an umbilical hernia which was repaired by the breeder.
For years, scientists believed that damaged nerve tissue could not be repaired because neurons are incapable of regeneration.
Many experts feared the frescos could never be repaired.
We were lucky that it was in low orbit and that it could be repaired.
These will be even more likely repaired instead of replaced.
The firearm's popularity stems from its lightness, reliability and the ease with which it can be repaired and manufactured.
Then an operator can drive out in his truck and the leak will be repaired and cleaned up.
Damages still unknown to be repaired on backcountry trails.
We're heading to the nursery and getting our bikes repaired.
Sanders had stress fractures in both feet repaired, leading to problems with his knee.
Damage known to exist to piping and valves had not been repaired or replaced, because the cost was considered too high.
Unlike the cars and appliances of a previous generation, gadgets are not made to be repaired by their owners.
Once it has been repaired it can be replaced and automatically added back to the resource pool.
Punctures can be repaired, but there comes a time in every inner-tube's life when it has to be retired from service.
Two months later, the damage is still having to be repaired.
After years of neglect, main roads have been repaired.
They are too small and too crumbly at the moment, but they could be repaired and enlarged in time for the big event.
Balance-sheets appear to have been stabilised if not repaired.
Roads across the country are being rapidly repaired and extended.
Days after the incident, the river bank had yet to be repaired and critical pumps had not arrived.
Until those facilities are repaired, the rebels cannot export any oil from the area they control.
Furthermore, this fiscal stimulus must be maintained until private sector balance sheets are repaired.
Balance-sheets need to be repaired but the effects are painful.
But they are cheap and can be repaired or replaced easily.
The ship had been so often repaired that not a stick of the original vessel remained at the time, yet was it the identical ship.
Several generous soldiers repaired the scandal given by these cowards.
He built, endowed, and repaired a great number of hospitals and churches.
Delude not yourselves with the belief that a breach once made may be afterward repaired.
The cool cloisters look immovable, the chapel looks repaired.
Telomeres are contained in chromosomes and are timing devices which decrease as the skin is repaired.
It can always be repaired later with safety pins or adhesive tape from your toiletries kit.
Say the debt ceiling is lifted soon and fiscal policy is patched--but not fully repaired this side of the election.
He insisted, and took up not his own plane but a recently repaired machine that needed to be tested.
Shipment was delayed for six months while the cores were repaired.
The same number of streets must be policed and repaired, sewers and water lines maintained, and transit systems operated.
It had apparently slipped on a bed of pebbles laid over some asphalt being repaired.
The leaky house was not repaired while the sun shone, for then the rain did not come through.
Some of the damaged brain tissue is repaired once people stop drinking.
Old equipment scheduled for replacement was repaired instead.
They have one but it is damaged and it needs repaired.
Conservators repaired the painting and re-created the elaborate diorama in its foreground.
My mom also asked, as she has since my father was sentenced, that his teeth be repaired so he can eat and speak properly.
He had built the ladder from wood left over from a repaired church.
When multiple phones report the same jolt, the app identifies a pothole that needs to be repaired.
Then he repaired the hole with a tiny patch, fastening it in place with several tiny anchors.
The others off-line are being repaired, revamped or reconditioned.
Human cells are only inactive when they are dead, after which time they cannot be repaired by any means.
Both the two new cameras and the repaired equipment are producing stunningly clear pictures of galaxies, nebulas, and stars.
Unfortunately, the switch broke recently and it hasn't been repaired yet.
The extensive root system over my repaired heal symbolizes stability, strength and recovery.
Damage to the accelerator could be repaired given sufficient time and money.
The ship's damaged and won't usually be magically repaired in time for the next episode, and neither are the characters.
Please report to where you were born or the nearest synagogue to have it repaired or replaced.
Explain that firmness of purpose degenerates into obstinacy unless errors are recognized, admitted and repaired.
Through newly repaired windows came faint, peaceful sounds from the wrecked city.
The deep divisions could not be repaired and the group disbanded by the end of the year.
The power station needed to be overhauled, the existing turbines repaired, and the third one put in place.
The plastic surface became scratched when a toilet-tank top was placed on it while the toilet was repaired.
Damage wrought by a doorknob lodged in the back of her skull had to be repaired.
Contractors had upgraded and repaired the electricity and plumbing.
Repaired, a story shortened, it was converted by the state into a lobster hatchery.

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