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The team says this may mean brain reorganization came before a big jump in brain size in humans.
Our army needs complete reorganization,-not merely enlarging,-and the reorganization can only come as the result of legislation.
Theirs was an age of reorganization in religion, in political life, and in philosophy and science.
Then, once plants and animals were domesticated, the discovery sparked a complete reorganization of the globe.
Unfortunately, this never happened, he did not show real reorganization of the party.
The reorganization of the social benefits and the modification of pension system alone would reduce the debt.
If this reorganization lowers the total energy of the electrons involved, a chemical bond can form.
The slits, it appears, correspond to a reorganization of the internal cell membrane's lipid and protein components.
Your behavior and environment can cause substantial rewiring of your brain or a reorganization of its functions.
Many utilities had to go bankrupt or go through painful reorganization.
It is going to take a big reorganization of our infrastructure and lifestyle.
Stocker's first thought was that the place desperately needed reorganization.
There has been substantial reorganization of gene families encoding proteins present in milk.
The blurb promised to help administrators who are leading reorganization campaigns.
The human studies also showed that cortical reorganization occurred more quickly than previously suspected.
The solar-power market is undergoing radical reorganization.
One of many reasons is the lack of confidence in the leadership, the constant state of reorganization.
Endurance exercise has been shown to boost the levels of chemical messengers that promote growth and reorganization in the brain.
Some major reorganization must have occurred in the developmental program that this patch helps to regulate.

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