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Example sentences for reorder

As well as developing new centromeres, chromosomes also reorder their genes during the course of evolution.
Because the demon is a part of the system and must expend energy to reorder the system.
To order or reorder a custom memorial plaque, please fill out the following information.
Any order placed after the initial order is considered a reorder.
Do not wait until you are almost out of medicine to reorder.
When you have only a two-week supply of your medication left, it's time to reorder.
Each prescription comes with a reorder slip and an envelope label.
If you have refills remaining on your prescription, you may reorder them by mail or by phone.
With each coupon book issued, a reorder form will be enclosed for your use.
Based on this data, and the likelihood of success, you may decide to reorder your priorities.
Do not reorder these instructions or any other previously ordered tax products until your original order is received.
Ability to establish inventory levels and reorder points and maintain requisition and inventory records.
The results will reorder by the column you selected.
View order history to track status, reorder, or cancel.

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Is it impossible not to wonder why a movement which professes concern for the fate of all women has dealt so unkindly, c... more
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