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He uses an index of average house prices and the imputed rent paid by owner-occupiers that goes into the consumer-price index.
He helped them open bank accounts and paid for various expenses, apparently including their first month's rent.
For this privilege, my parents paid twenty extra dollars a month in rent.
For tenants, writing the monthly rent check is usually a mundane task.
If you have to rent the book, then the book to me is not worth the quality to be used.
One such is its proposal to impose a retrospective ban on upward-only rent reviews on commercial-property leases.
Those who make and pay for their own repairs pay a lower rent.
It is everyones right to demonstrate peacefully without some rent a cop abusing his authority.
Or, if you'd prefer, you can rent a bicycle or even a motor scooter.
For larger lawns, you may prefer to rent a dethatching machine.
Soon travelers will be able to rent their way across the country.
Or colleges can rent access to the system from a company that has set up servers with the software.
It is for consumers a vastly better model, he believes, to rent access to music rather than buy it to keep.
Many of them have rooms to rent and are ideal for mingling with the locals.
Putting a dollar into the basket to pay for coffee and rent has been common for decades.
The museum is also available to rent for weddings, meetings and banquets.
For an overnight adventure, rent the lighthouse keeper's home.
We take the rent out of one paycheck and the bills out of the other.
He retained the leaseholds, bought others, and collected the ground rent.
Millions of stables worldwide rent horses for riding and keep their animals in good shape.
We're up early the next morning in search of snowshoes to rent.
Their nomadic lifestyle, the students say, saves money on rent and allows them.
Or one could rent a generator mounted on a trailer hitch.
If possible, rent a rotary tiller to make the job easier.
Such evidence suggest that unions represent rent seeking behavior on the part of cartels of workers.
Our government had abandoned building public housing, opting to rent private housing and subsidising rent.
All courses and gyms will rent or lend you gear to use.
In addition, you cannot travel without a credit card because you will not be able to rent a car or stay in motels.
Our rent-stabilized apartment will probably become destabilized in six to eight years as our rent and income rise.
If you plan to rent a car, reserve it as early as possible.
Killing people for fun makes you evil, but so might raising their rent.
The house rent and other benefits are in addition to this salary.
If the author's observations of whom accrues the rent are true, this is further evidence that government should minimise rent.
If you're renting or in a house share make sure that you've sorted out whether the rent includes utility bills or not.
Families could rent these cottages for almost nothing.
After the games, the apartments will be put up for rent or sale by the developers footing the bill.
The building management is offering a free month's rent to new tenants.
Wondering about the commute and locations with reasonable rent around the district.
Both aim to get car-owners to rent their vehicles to strangers when not using them themselves.
They were on the verge of eviction for nonpayment of rent.
It is only a rough guide, because its price reflects non-tradable elements-such as rent and labour.
Rent a carpet-cleaning machine if you do not have one.
When he first arrived, he played several nights a week, occasionally paying his rent with his winnings.
They prefer to buy houses rather than rent them, to avoid the attention of landlords.
Lots of spectacularly wealthy, super-rich people pay rent.
We can afford to rent in our new location and continue to pay the mortgage if necessary.
Sale-and-lease-back deals, where a firm sells property and pays rent to occupy it, generate piles of cash.
Some to escape warfare, others because the caves made convenient, low-rent dwellings.
Oh yeah, and get ready to pay more property tax alone than total rent wherever you are now.
Using blank parchment he cut from an old rent roll, he used ink diluted with bookbinders' chemicals to write a new deed.
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, there are times when you need to rent a car.
If you are traveling overseas and want to see the country from something other than a train, you can rent a car for your travels.
When you rent a private jet or limo, you ride in comfort while someone else does the driving.
Many landlords are willing to rent by the month, the week and even by the day in some cases.
Four cabins are available to rent year-round, each featuring hot tubs, central heating and air-conditioning and full kitchens.
Rental car insurance is an option available to people who rent a vehicle.
There are one-room log cabins to rent for a family of four.
As a way to continue to bring in revenue, colleges will often rent their rooms out for temporary stays.
The cabin is available for rent year-round, but there is a two-night minimum stay on weekends.
However, depending on the discounts available, you may have the option to rent a full-size car.
Foremost, the price to camp is generally much less than what it would cost to rent an apartment or home near the campus.
As distressed borrowers lose their homes, they must rent.
As more would-be homeowners look to rent, apartment prices are feeding inflation while home prices continue to fall.
Those first two ideas might be enough to encourage investors to buy, rehabilitate, and rent lots of distressed properties.
Restrictive urban policy raises the price of rent in similarly productive cities.
He was said to have never raised the rent or dispossessed a tenant for the inability to pay rent.
In the past two years, bike-sharing programs that enable people to rent bicycles by the hour have sprung up in many cities.
Customers can rent space from the hub when they need it at daily rates.
Economic problems other than the old one of rent came to vex us.
The rent is ten dollars a month for the room and a miserable little coop of a bedroom where the old folks sleep.
The money thus earned pays the rent of hundreds of poor families.
The price for a room was always right-but what made this address so extraordinary was that the rent included meals.
But one of the virtues of a price-to-rent ratio is that it takes them into account.
If there are few homes to rent, he argued, jobless youngsters living with their parents find it harder to move out and get work.
State legislators are paying their own office rent to avoid eviction.
Prices nationally have nearly returned to their long-run trend in terms of price-to-rent and price-to-income ratios.
She used a combination of savings, dividends and loans from a savings group to rent her stall and buy stock.
For three decades these parcels have been locked in the courts, prey to rent-seeking officials.
The price you pay for a property should reflect the future rent at which you could let it.
Methodically she laid out the rent arrears, the rate of repayment.
On the third day, the landlord called about the rent.
But there is an ever-growing amount of good writing online, much of which suffers from its proximity to these low-rent neighbors.
The studio alone must cost over a thousand dollars to make, let alone rent.
The annual rent is now four thousand and eighty-five dollars.
The landlord had raised the rent by a hundred per cent.
Now is as good a time as any to stop throwing away money on rent and invest in a healthy chunk of mobile real estate.
Rent your car to a neighbor when you don't need to use it.
The income from the shop hardly ever covered the rent of the cottage.
It cannot be used to buy or rent land, for that land will not produce.
Users can rent virtual computing resources and scale up or down as their needs fluctuate.
Then, for those relatively rare occasions when a longer range is required, rent a car.
He was even willing to rent out ad space, racecar style.
Go whitewater rafting or for a more low-key adventure, rent a tube and float down the river.
For a small price they rent their sleds to anyone wanting a slide.
Macerated brain, muddy brown and the consistency of toothpaste, oozed from the dural rent marking the bullet's entry.
Data hotels are basically large air-conditioned spaces with a lot of power in them where you can rent racks of computing space.
He hasn't seen his wallet since he was shot on the plane, so he has no way to rent a car.
Thou art encouraged to rent cars in strange places and get into colorful misunderstandings with local drivers.
Aside from food and rent, the equipment is about all he's spent money on in the last few years.
He then developed a shower gel and expanded into a small factory, where he lived and threw all-night raves to help pay the rent.
Unless you're planning a lot of travel outside the city there's no real need to rent a car.
Some agencies have units, some have vouchers, and others help with rent payments.
Rent regulated tenants enjoy numerous rights, particularly with respect to rents, leases and services.
Select a county on the map below to locate properties for rent.
The amount of a security deposit for a rent regulated apartment is usually limited by law to one month's rent.

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