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Example sentences for renown

They have no cause to feel proud of the valor of our sea-captains, of the renown of our flag.
Whatsoever knight in the land was of renown for his prowess did wear his clothes and his arms all of one same colour.
But one source of reputation is the work and the renown of a program's graduates.
It should be kept in mind that comparatively few of those who won renown on the field were promoters of rebellion or secession.
He won renown for his cynicism in a few lines of verse that tell how he flees the battlefield after he throws away his shield.
Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby.
His flair for such creative if controversial theories has brought him worldwide renown.
Under him, it won renown for its thoughtful articles.
After twenty years in the field, he won renown as a muckraker and politician.

Famous quotes containing the word renown

John Gilpin was a citizen Of credit and renown, A train-band captain eke was he Of famous London town.... more
Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man.... more
When first the college rolls receive his name, The young enthusiast quilts his ease for fame; Through all his veins the ... more
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