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They have had a huge injection of public cash, primarily for the renovation of the housing projects that ring the big cities.
After exchanging many hands, the theatre reopened after renovation and hosted its first production season this year.
Appraisers use building permits to determine the values of homes after construction or renovation.
How convenient renovation and fire damaged our beautiful home.
The renovation was meant to mark a new era of co-operation over holy places.
He contributes this to the substantial improvement of the indoor air quality that is a result of the renovation of the school.
The current renovation is not only appealing, it's green.
Choose energy-efficient electrical appliances and consider home renovation.
About twice the house, and no costly house renovation.
The fleet renovation is part of the company's commitment to the protection of the environment.
Now take a look at the same house before the garden renovation.
Green renovation doesn't end when construction is finished.
There has been a heavy injection of public cash, primarily into the renovation of the housing estates that ring the big cities.
Growing up our home was in a constant state of renovation.
My point is that it's not all a matter of professional dialog over the technical details involved in the renovation.
It was, presumably, a candidate for either renovation or demolition.
He commented that even though the renovation had been a success, the future was uncertain.
After three months of renovation, the two moved in, bringing furnishings and art from their previous residence.
The renovation was easy because no walls had to be removed and only one door was closed off.
Quick renovation kept topsoil and runoff out of the creek that forms the house's rear property line.
After an ongoing renovation, the historic hotel and its oversize rooms remain low-key and ridiculously affordable.
My daughters helped with the renovation and now work there on weekends.
Home is where your heart is organization and renovation pay off big.
Renovation can be either commercial or residential and typically involves improvements to structures or processes.

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