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Example sentences for renovate

But even if a city wanted to renovate every abandoned three-decker, the expense would probably be too much.
As one observer puts it, housing is the easiest thing to renovate.
But plans are underway to renovate the threatened archaeological site.
The grants can be used to renovate buildings where educational.
The cash was used to renovate the city's public transport system.
Sandra balances the weight of the tango past with the need to redefine and renovate.
As they renovate old libraries and plan new ones, colleges consider the purpose of the buildings-and how to make them popular.
Their plans to renovate a palazzo-surprise-don't go quite as expected.
He pushed to renovate buildings, to enhance programs.
Efforts to stimulate the economy could be boons for colleges seeking to put up new buildings or renovate old ones.
The campus got a donor to renovate a locale where the whole dept could be housed under one roof.
Add luxury boxes if you must, but renovate the stadium so that the architecture and the quality of design are not destroyed.
Poles managed these lands, spent much of money to renovate, rebuild or build up.
Now abandoned, but there are many plans to renovate the area.
The writer raced through the rooms, imagining how he'd renovate them.
But his observation could have another logical conclusion: the market could be ripe for some renovate-and-flip business.
Instead, they've decided to stay put and renovate their city apartment or fix up their small house in an older, closer-in suburb.
Alternatively, if the discounts were deeper immediately, then buyers might renovate an existing property instead.
To make matters stranger, it simultaneously cut funding to build and renovate housing projects for the poor.
That's enough to rebuild or renovate a historic plantation great house, put up some guest cottages, install a swimming pool.
It makes him feel that all that does not renovate society from his point of view is frivolous and contemptible.
When she started to burn out and didn't have the capital to renovate, she began showing the restaurant to prospective buyers.
It's closed supposedly to renovate, but the rumor is that it doesn't have the money.
He shut the restaurant for a few weeks to renovate its fa├žade.

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