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Renewable resources can only be consumed at or below their renewal rates and only in ways that doesn't affect that rate.
All activity would cease, and there would be no renewal or recovery.
Sustainability means consuming resources at or below their renewal rates and not damaging our eco-system.
Today, it is undergoing urban renewal and gentrification.
In this city of constant renewal, the beat pounds so fast that the past can be turned into the future.
In this chaotic churn is life-giving renewal and growth.
Their non-renewal notices were given out last month.
Please go to our subscriptions renewal page and complete the form.
Protests against nineteenth-century materialism and positivism, and calls for spiritual renewal, were commonplace.
As part of the renewal project, the university bought a handful of buildings and demolished them.
Airlines lack cash to finance their big plans for fleet renewal, and they cannot borrow cheaply to buy new planes.
The two countries' fervent renewal of their vows is good news.
If there is a case for longer terms, they should be on a renewal basis, so that content is not locked up automatically.
Even those in favour of urban renewal think it can go too far.
Community policing and urban-renewal schemes are bringing safety and public services.
But opponents of this strategy call it a distraction that could hinder the renewal of the nuclear power industry.
For many countries the renewal of their national parks is probably the best first step in protecting biodiversity.
Thank you for visiting our online license renewal system.
Renewal notices are mailed prior to the expiration of your business license.
Driver license and identification card renewal online application.
Use the link to the left to file your raffle renewal and report.
Be sure that the renewal application is complete and that all of the questions are answered.
If you are the current vehicle owner, enter the following information to determine registration renewal fees due.

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